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The Bitter Sweet as do I find - I be from found again.

Remember then a Bitter Sweet as Sweet as life can be. A Bitter Sweet remembrance then could love as two be free. I see that love will follow me, and play a tune I knew. A song of love not to forget not die from me to you. As is the sweet that found it's way to me came what seemed best. But best confined held close to me, ignored the time from rest. A rest I saw to see to feel and be renounced as sad. A sad now day I think to feel it is that drives me mad. A bad life no, but not forget the Sweet is bitter more. . Remembrance mine not choice controlled, my heart chose locked my door. A door now raised from me to you Sweet now do feel no more. Still it was then this Bitter play key-heart then locked my door . Now bitter taste with-in my heart I see how I shall be. That bitter taste brought not from truth how blind a man as me. Stay held my dear, remember not, from time that love rings clear. But do forget this Bitter Sweet dies out the things held near. The Sweet from thee took of this hand Sweet love stood in demand Love of the soul that was so sweet found out this bitter man. Ah the Bitter, as it seemed not know a time for say. For if might try one must believe that time was nigh in play. But still it was let opened door for me from thought was found... Found bitter sweet as seemed not for a heart as still and sound. Damned it not real things to be .. Ponder mine please try I see... How this bitter mine to hold so close as close as close was me. Now A day once truly was, a day know known complete, a time remembered a time so dear my heart now knows defeat. Remembered sweet this Bitter sings for laugh, from joy to tear. My Sweet from when a day be found did sing me too, from fear. Mine heart does now from to this shame fall dark now cold and sad. It is be true, this bitter Man took fright from why then had. From bitter then was then from me as mind did crush love down. Regret now he, all that I have sad thought do find a frown. This Bitter man for to the Sweet give heart as still he stand. The End... Pat Doherty From Bitter Sweet as do I find I be from found again.

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A poem from a broken time between two


3/19/2010 3:35 PM Premium
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Date: 6/28/09
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