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Coattail Rider

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This song is on the Like A Phoenix album and available on Verizon, itunes, Rhapsody, Amazon

Every time I think of something new
You go and say I got it from you
Now you even say you named my band
Always lending an unwanted hand.

You blew your chance many years ago
So sure we'd never let you go
Looks like the joke's on you
Stop stickin' like toxic glue

The truth is I never really knew you
We're a team from the tales you tell
When in fact You put the whole band
Thru your prima-donna ego-centric hell

A 50 foot cord and a copy guitar
Will never make you no rock & roll star.
Jammin' in the dungeon to all of our songs
You're gettin scary, *ary getting way too gone

Bye Bye Coattail Rider




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Votes: 30
Views: 5,611
Date: 6/29/09
Music: Rock