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Our love never ends.

Our Love Never Ends. I remember our first kiss well. It was a magic moment, A moment of decision. In the end, there was only once choice, And I feel it was the right one. There was no doubt, We had found each other, After years of searching, Knowing that somewhere, Somehow, Someday, We would find each other. There was no doubt in my heart That I could love you, That I wanted to love you, That it was destiny that I should love you. It was not chance on coincidence. It was not by accident. It was meant to be. It is, And ever shall be. Deny my love. Deny your love But yet, it is there In good times and bad. It is eternal. It is stronger than any force which Opposes it. Even in these jaded, skeptical times, It is the love which is the stuff of legends, The inspiration of ballads, The subject of verse It is all things which are good and fine And noble in the Human condition, and is the wellspring Of hope for the future. It falls short of perfection Only in that our bodies are Earthbound. But our spirits sour as one, Joined Entwined, As one, As it was meant to be. Our souls do not question it. Why must we? Away with pride and vanity, And let love be. When we dream, They are not merely fairy tales for our amusement. They are realities we have yet to experience, Yet to live.

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Our love never Ends, is the first half of a poem I wrote for my husband while we were dating.


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