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Slice,Slice,Tear,Drip Slice, slice, tear, drip The sharp razor glides across my skin Ruby-red blood pours out The droplets create a small pond Too many times to count My tears have now turned red Each incision represents my lugubrious woes They are my bodily pastiche By day, I wear a mask of smiles All are bilked by my act My soul cries out for help Does no one care about me? At night, my inner fortress crumbles My flesh blossoms open like a flower The mirror shows a ghost of me I appear debilitated and cower Slice, slice, tear, drip Euphoria overcomes my body I finally free and effusive In the silence, I am never constricted Some may call it parlous and risky It is my only real escape From this never-ending impasse There are no other viable cures I am stuck in a mental quagmire It is an ongoing labryinth of depression My minotaur is my personal failures Daily, it impinges on my thoughts Alone, I admire my handiwork I consider it to be a gothic art Each minute punctilio matters Should my wrists have zigzags tonight? Slice, slice, drip, tear My soul is a vacuous shell, broken by insecurities On the outside, I have a semblance of bravado My deep secrets are dissimulated and covert Last night, I had a recurring dream It was an augur of future events In it, I was unconscious in the darkness The razor fell from my pale hands The silver blade shimmered brightly Friends found my feeble body All of them gasped in shock They remarked, How could this happen? As they glanced at my frail figure, Blood spilled from both wrists My imperceptible face was reflected in the razors blade I only could see a transparent ghost

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An emotional poem about a lonely and depressed girl trying to heal the pain she feels inside and the consequences of her actions to herself and those around her.


12/26/2009 7:19 PM Premium
I just came across your media. Great Work! I look forward to seeing some more of your work.



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Date: 7/2/09
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