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Doov, Dube, and Duf - Detectives

128133.txtDoov, Dube, & Duf-as-Inspector Groove, Duncan, & Duferson-in-The Legend of Dr. WartzenheimerClayton Town was an ordinary town with its ordinary people and ordinary places but lately, Clayton Town has experienced some weirdness in the city! Things have been stolen, destruction has been done in some areas, and even a few people have been injured and even robbed of their money! The mayor posted a bulletin to allthe people living in Clayton Town saying, Meeting at the mayors house entrance this Friday at 12:00 noon!Its 12:00 noon on Friday and the people of Clayton Town begin to listen as the mayor sits in his big fat chair and speaks. People of Clayton Town, we have a huge problem! We have had things stolen, buildings burned, cars destroyed, bridges broke, and even people are being robbed of their money! If you know of someone who is responsible for this, please speak up! said Mayor Duelock, but no one responded.Once again, speak up if you know of someone who is doing this! Still, no one said a word.In the midst of the Clayton Town citizens was a doctor named Dr. Frederic Wartzenheimer. He was nominated the official doctor of Clayton Town two years ago becoming the head doctor of all the doctors and nurses of Clayton Town meaning he was in total control of the Heath Department of Clayton Town (HDCT)! Being a doctor,he was also a brilliant scientist! He was able to build, create, and make anything! He truly was a brilliant little lad wasnt he?I dont know who this evil lad is, but he will pay!, said Dr. Wartzenheimer. I will build a special machine that will track down this enemy! Just then, the mayor thought of a brilliant idea (or at least the mayor thought it was brilliant)! Why dont we hire a detective?, the mayor said. That wont be necessary, replied Wartzenheimer. Then the mayor said to Dr. Wartzenheimer, Well, Id rather have real people doing the investigation instead of a machine! Machines can break down, people cant! Ill call a detective! Dr. Wartzenheimer froze for a second, then nodded his head and left quickly.The mayor began to look up a detective in the phone book and found three in his interest. Inspector Groove, Inspector Duncan, and Inspector Duferson. So, the mayor dialed the number on the phone with his big fat fingers and called. Hello? Yea um -burp!- I am the mayor of Clayton Town and I have a need for some detectives now! Sure, Ill send you three of them. Inspector Groove, Duncan, and Duferson, replied the operator.Thirty minutes later, the inspectors arrived! Inspector Doov Groove at yourservice, deee! said Doov or inspector Groove. Duh, Im Dube I mean Inspector Duncan! said Dube or Inspector Duncan. Sup man? Im Inspector Duf Duferson and were here to solve your little case! said Duf or Inspector Duferson. Um yea! Were here to solve the case thingy, said Inspector Duncan. Then, mayor Duelock said, Alright men Cool, he called us men! said Dube interrupting the mayor. Ahem as I was saying, men mayor Duelock continued, I have had problems with my town lately! Someone has been stealing things, blowing up things, and hurting people! I need your help to figure out who this mysterious person is. Can you help me find out?Sure, who do you think we are? replied inspector Duferson. Then, inspectorDuncan stupidly said, Duh, Im Dube thats who I am! Great, I want you to get started right away, said mayor Duelock. Got it! said inspector Groove.So, the inspectors decided to investigate at a crime scene at Fat Bobs MeatStore. I like meat! said inspector Duncan. So Bob, tell us what happened, said inspector Duferson. Bob began to talk and say, Well one day, I was closing the store and putting it up for the day. I figured none of the meat would get stolen, soI left the freezer unlocked. I locked the entrance door and left. I went to bed. I laid down. I had a good dream. I dreamed I was a beautiful princess in my beautiful Ok, ok Bob! Enough about the dream! interrupted inspector Duferson. Tell us about the crime! Oh ok sorry, said Bob! After I woke up and got ready,I went to my store and noticed the window had been broken. I unlocked the door and as I opened it, it fell! I thought Whoa! Then, I went to check on the meat and it was gone! All of it! Then I thought, Who would want to steal meat when you can buy it? I called the police and told them about it!Page 1128133.txtHmm said inspector Duferson deep in thought. Was anyone else in the scene? Um there was an old man sitting at the side, said Bob. Maybe it was him, said inspector Duferson. Maybe, but you cant blame it on him with that little information, said inspector Groove. Lets keep moving on! My butt itches, said inspector Duncan ewThe inspectors then moved on to a car dealer. Greetings and welcome to Georges Car Lot! Want to buy a car? asked George, owner of the lot. Um, no, saidinspector Duferson. Why not? Youll get a good rebate and Ill make sure you pay less than 20 dollars a month, said George. Then ,Dube asked, Whats a rebate?Page 2

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This is just a random story I wrote a while ago (don't remember exactly when). I don't know how well text documents upload, but I thought I would try it. :)

This story is still unfinished, so yea. I thought I would upload it because it was pretty funny. I've been told that I have great potential in writing, but I never expected to be a writer. I am however the writer for Pheonix Fire Studios (not a paying job though). That is a business that will be using my Christian comic idea, The Extraordinary League of Christianity, to witness to kids all over the world! I will be writing the stories of the comics as well as doing the story board layouts, and a comic artist I met on facebook will be drawing in the finished pictures.

Anyway, getting back to this story. It really has no meaning at all. Just sillyness. :P And FYI, Doov Dube and Duf are 3 goofy, dumb, crazy, stupid, silly comic characters me and my cousin created when we were little. :)




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Date: 7/3/09
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