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B&M - Foxalina

Animal, comic, cartoon, Barker, and

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This is Foxalina Carmen. She's the female fox born with a special psychic ability, meaning she can control things to move with her mind! I don't really believe psychic powers are real, but I've always thought it would be a cool power to have. :) She however cannot control her power on her own.

When Foxalina was first born, the doctors soon found out she had a psychic power. So to keep her safe (as well as everyone else), the doctors (by the parents' permission) placed her into an empty room to live in. There was nothing in there she could control with her mind, so she was safe... but was very lonely. The parents would occasionally talk to her through speakers, as well as feed her through the door. This was sad for both Foxalina and her parents. But finally when Foxalina turned 11 years old (human years that is), the doctors and scientists invented a medicine pill that will disable Foxalina's brain from using her psychic power for a few hours. The pill was called Zeperium and she had to take it every few hours. This meant that Foxalina could now come out of her empty room and spend her life with her parents and friends.

Though the comic Barker and Meowzer was created by me and my 2 cousins, Foxalina is actually a character I created on my own in the later comics! Barker and Meowzer fight crime for a while, but then quit for a while. When they re join again, Foxalina joins with them as well. She is VERY different from Barker and Meowzer with her ability and all. She just wants to find some people who will accept her for her difference. She finds that in B&M.

I admit, I'm creative... and I may sound silly to some people out there. :P




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Date: 7/3/09
Art: Drawing