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128760.txtIf you and your ex still love each other, you would keep saying I love you but wouldnt go out that would be okay right? Wrong. Well what if you and your ex stilllove each other going back out would be better right? Wrong, again. My name is AmberShays and this is my story. Chapter 1 As everyone came in to class after recess, I had to stay in to work on a project, myfriend, Bonnie, gave me a worried look. Uh-oh worried looks from friends arent good. As she came to put her bags down she told me I have to tell you something after class, but just remember boys shmink. Shmink was our little word for smell and stink. I didnt really worry about it too much since I knew what she was going to tell me. He was breaking up with me. James was breaking up with me. What a great 13 birthday present! I was and wasnt surprised. I mean I dont think a guy that would tell you he loved you one day would break up with you the next. But guys are guys, if there is one small, tiny problem they have to escape, immediately. And thats probably why; he is breaking up with me I mean. Because we had a problem, well it wasnt exactly small and tiny. I got lost in my day dream and didnt pay attention the whole class. I was shocked when the bell for the end of class rang. I quickly grabbed my bags and ran out to get water hoping Bonnie wouldnt follow, but she did. Listen I already know he wants to break up with me. I got the memo. I said roughly. Sure I may have been a little mean but I dont like her practically stalking me. Oh okay she replied in a sad soft voice. What she thought I was sad?Over a break up? I was never sad about that, at least not at school. The rest of theday was long, until that night. That was when I completely broke down crying. I was still up at 10:00 that night crying. The song So Sick kept playing over and over in my head, which just made me cry even more. I wanted to get the subject out of my Page 1128760.txtmind so I was going to go on the computer. My dad was in the living room asleep withthe TV on. Is I walked past the TV, my tears starting to dry up, the song , that song So Sick played on the TV. My eyes filled up with tears again. There was no stopping me now. I stared at my computer, the screen getting more and more blurry, Iwiped away my tears. I had to do something, so I did. I could have only said four words: I still love you but I wrote so much more. I clicked send after I was finished then I went to my room to lie down. It was midnight now and I was getting pretty tired after a while I cried myself to sleep. The next morning I forgot about the email I sent. It all came back to me when Alex, James friend and Bonnies brother, gave me a note from James. We were leaving for lunch so I stuffed it into my pocket for after. I guess I tend to forget things because I also forgot about thenote. Well that was until my best friend Tiffany, who was there when Alex gave me the note, said Oh! What about that note Alex gave u from James? she said James name in an evil tone. If a guy messes with me Tiffany jumps on them, just like I do for her. Oh yea I forgot about that. I said. Mhmm she replied. I started to dig through my pockets, Found it! I said. Okay let me see it! Tiffany told me grabbing the note from my hands. How about I see it. I snapped. Fine, but I think I read the most important part, the very end. She said. She leaned in closer and whispered in my ear, It said, p.s. I still love you I quickly opened the note and went straight to the bottom. It did say p.s. I love you. I starred in amazement. Arent you going to read the rest? Tiffany asked. Oh yea I replied. Iquickly read the letter Dear Amber. I am so sorry I really am. I read that email you sent me. I swear I NEVER lied toyou. I am just a stupid boy with a messed up life. You were the best thing that has ever happened to me. I made a huge mistake of breaking up with you. My life is justso messed up right now and I need times to make things right. When I read ur note onmy email I felt soooo sad. I am still very sorry. Please forgive me. O I still am punished from my phone and email. I dont know when im getting it back. I gonna probably run away for a night I just cant take it. But dont worry about me. Im still very sorry. IM the one who messed things up. Dont blame yourself it wasnt your fault it was mine. -James(P.s. I still love you) I still was staring in amazement but Tiffany ruined my awness by trying to rip thepaper away from me, again. I grabbed it out of my friends hands, YOU ARE NOT READING THIS NOTE! I snapped a little too loud. Well so loud five people came up tome and asked, What note? or Let me see it! or both. I held on to the note for mylife no one can see this. After a while everyone left me alone. I sat through the day thinking of James. The bell for the end of school finally rang. Chapter 2 I raced home to get to my phone. Once I got home I had two messages, from James hmm guess he got his phone back. One said, "We need to talk..." another said, "...about that note" I responded, "What? Was it all just a plan to get my hopes up and then tear them down?! Gosh he got me mad. I out my phone down and then picked it back upas it vibrated. It was Alex, I pressed ignore I couldnt deal with him right now. I put the phone down. It vibrated again. JAMES! I spent a whole two minutes waiting for him to respond. And boy was it a long two minutes. No I would never do that to you! I guess your right. i texted back My phone vibrated again, gosh James texts fast. Amber, I love you. Thats what it read, but it wasnt from James. It was Page 2128760.txtfrom Alex. OMG Could this really be happening? I mean liked Alex before James asked me out. And from what I heard (from tiffany) was that Alex was going to ask me out but James got to me first, and apparently it was true. Um I have to go bye, I texted back to him. But truthfully I didnt have to go thats what I do when I am ina sticky situation. And this is a VERY sticky situation. I called tiffany right away. I told her EVERYTHING: what the note said, what James said, and finally what Alex said. Well, you really want the truth? she asked. Yes nothing but the truth. I replied. Well I dont have that good of a feeling about the whole James thing. But if you really love James then keep doing what youre doing but if it doesnt work screw that and go out with Alex. She said. That was okay advice. She spoke the truth. After I hung up with Tiffany I saw I had two new messages, one fromJames and one from Alex. James said, Really, I love you and I always will. And Alexs says, Wait, Amber, please dont go! I know about you and Jamesjust know that James and my sister have a thing together. Bonnie and Alex were brother and sister. Since Bonnie changed her mind a lot we were in a little tiff. So I wouldnt be surprised if she told Alex to tell me about James and her little thing OR she could have told Alex to say the whole I love you thing. Darn that Bonnie. Why does she have to be so complicated? Amber, Please dont be mad! I dont want to hurt you! popped up on my screen from Alex right after I g2g ttyl love you came in from James. Ah! He said I love you. Love you too I replied back to James. AH! I said love you too. I'm not I just have to figure this out. Bye I replied back to Alex. I waited a couple of minutes to see if he would respond. He didnt. I think Tiffany was right, about the James and Alex thing I mean. Why does life have to be so confusing? I turned the radio on thinking that maybe music will clear my mind. AsI turned it on, James and I song, All Summer Long came on. I know that song is super old but it wasnt when we first dated. Wow what a coincident. I still listenedto it even though it wasnt our song any more. After it was over I turned it over I turned it off and just sat there thing what the I could do. Well if I kept things like they are everything with James would be okay, but there might be problems with Alex, although if things were okay with Alex there might be problems with Bonnie. There is only one way to find out. Experimentation! First I shall experiment with James and then Alex. If James doesnt work out then Ill go out with Alex, And if that doesnt work then o well no boyfriend for Amber. Once I ate dinner and went to sleep I had a very odd dream about being locked in a house with Alex. Once waking upfrom the odd dream I got ready for school pretty quickly since I woke up late. Once I got to school Alex kept looking at me and smiling. I smiled back to be nice. Other then that the rest of the day was pretty normal. Well if by normal you mean: your ex-friend glaring at you, and my best guy-friend, Tyler, acting goofier then normal, your bff trying to talk to you all day, AND your love not even looking at you! Yup thats my normal. Well not so much the James not looking at me. He barley even talked to me after school, Tyler and Alex quadrupled it was probably more thenthat but I cant just think of those weird number names his talk time. I'm starting to think Alex is right, about the James and Rachel thing I mean. I knew James wouldn't tell me if he did like her but I asked him anyway. Of course he said no andwho told you and I would never do that and blah blah blah. I just forgot about it and changed the subject to asking him if he can come to the STM game Friday, he saidno. So I asked Alex if he could/wanted to come. What the heck James and I weren't technically going out so why not have some fun?! Who knows I might start liking Alex, who knows? I asked him and he said he could go but he would probably have to bring Bonnie I said I didn't care. Great now I only have one day to pick out a perfect outfit. I knew I was going to wear a new pair of jeans I bought. And that I was probably going with Sparies on shoes. My phone started to buzz it was actually James! Whats up that's what it said to my I just really wanted to see you I miss u Whats up and that was it. Maybe he and Bonnie did have a thing. I knew one way to figure out. I texted him, Bonnie is gonna be there. He replied instantly, James: Oh really... h/o I will ask my mom if I can go... she said no Okay he and Bonnie defentally had a thing. But I didn't know for sure so I shall just ignore him. I pressed ignore to the message. I don't care. Wait I do care! But not as much any more, He should really just tell me I wouldnt get that mad. Well not as mad as I would from hearing it from someone else. I know Alex is someone but he likes me hecould have easily made it up. Well my mom just got home which either means I have toclean or babysit my brother. . Turns out it was baby sitting my brother, Zeke. That's his official name but I call him the tornado because well he is a tornado. Hewas worse then usual I guess he knew I was in a bad mood. The worst part of baby Page 3128760.txtsitting tornado is I have to stay up all night until my mom gets home, She says I can go to sleep once he falls asleep but I just dont feel safe. It was about 11 when my mom got home. I quickly fell asleep soon after I jammed earphones into my ear. Chapter 3 The two next school days was the same: James gawking over Bonnie not me. Tiffany going crazy for tonight, and Tyler being well Tyler . As the car rider bell rang I went to my grandmothers class room. I dont know why I was rushing I still had to go to her house before STM. As we got into the car me and the tornadoI turned on the music, my grandmother immediately turned it off. "i want peace and quite!" she told me. So me and my grandma rode in complete silence. Well besides the tornado going on and on about something random. Once we got home, well to my grandmothers, iheaded strait to the computer when tornado started whining, "thats not fair!! she always gets the computer first!!" My grandma usually ignores him but i guess she wassick of his whining because she automatically gave it to him. For like the whole day! not just a hour as usual but the whole time we were there, which is like a whole day in boredom time. I went ask my grandma if i could go on a walk. At first she said no but i begged her and said that i had nothing to do then she said yes. Once i walked out the door i just walked around river ranch not caring what anyone thought about me. In my life so far i learned one thing, just live your life. The past is the past you cant change it the future is the future you cant predict it, and that now is now so you might as well life your life. Whoa total brain storm! It took me longer then usual to get to my favorite tree also known as the elephant treesince its trunk is shaped like a elephant's trunk. Once i got to the elephant tree ijust sat there thinking. I tried weighing the pro's and cons of James and Alex. I did James firstPro's- funny and nice- says he loves meCons- big nose- roomersPage 4128760.txtThen i did Alex...Pro's- funny and nice-cute-no roomersCon- Bonnies bro-14Okay both of them are funny and nice. James says he loves me...so only 2 pro's for mr. James. Now I know the whole big nose thing is pretty i harsh but i cant help it...its huge! And dont forget the whole bonnie thing. Now to Mr. Alex he is funny and nice and cute and there are no roomers about him. Although he is bonnies brotherand he is 14. But James was 14 to so that doesnt make a difference. I spent like 3 hours just sitting out there thinking. I didnt realize how long i was out there until my mom drove up honking like crazy telling me she was in a hurry. i jumped in as hast as i could. Once i was in i thanked God no one was out to see my mom. We drove back to my grandmothers so i could get my brother and backpack. Once back in the car i asked my mom why she was in such a hurry if the game was at 7 and it was only 5:30. she replied with, "Because i have to get ready duh Mackenzie" wowzers an hour and a half to get ready! Thats the quickest time ever!! We raced home so mommacould have her beauty time. Once we got home i went to my room to check my fone i had four texts. one from Tyler and 3 from Alex. Tyler s was a plain hey. Alex''s said, "Hey we have to bring bonnie along", "Is that okay", "O gosh please dont b mad its either both of us or none of us.' I replied to Alex's first, "oh no its okayi was at my grandma's yall can come tonight." The i replied to Tyler s with a simple hey. Once that was done Alex's .msg came up, "o okay cool g2g c u later" i didnt fell like responding so i didnt. Since Tyler hasnt texted texted back i decided to go take a shower. It took me 30 min which was extremely long for me. it was 6:03. okay and hour to get ready. i should be good. So after the shower i put onmy robe and went get my phone. did i get anything? nope nothing m not surprised i didnt get anything from James since he was punished again from his phone. oh look another con for James.... HORRIBLE GRADES! I decided to put on some shorts and a tank to go blow dry my hair. Since it is really thick so it took me awhile. Once finished i went to get dress, Look i was right my mom did pick out a top for me. Itwas lying neatly on my bed. Once i was done putting my clothes on i went to do my make up. I didnt put much on because i didnt want to look like some sort of hooker. So only mascara and lip gloss for AMBER! They are here lets go! my mom announced cutting to my thoughts. I ran out of my room only to hear my mom say, Whydont you and Tiffany go in your room and do something while me and Ms. Heather talk. Ms. Heather was Tiffanys mom. When i was in the door way my mother yelled, Oh and give Tiffany a jacket and u put one on too. i agreed. Tiffany and i went into my room Tiffany sat on my bed while i turned the radio on. Jacket Tiffany reminded me. Oh yeah i said, Is this one okay? She nodded. I grabbed another jacket for me and then went sit on the bed.So i started.Soooooo she continued.SoOoOoOoOWe both laughed. I wonder whats gonna happen tonight. i said.Me too especially with bonnie there. Who knows what will happen.Tiffany has a thing against bonnie. She says she doesnt want to get caught up in the drama but im not positive but i trust her. Come on girls lets go! yelled ms. Heather. YAY! me and Tiffany said at the same time. We high fived... its weird itslike we r telepathic because we have been doing that a lot lately. We all got into ms heathers car and jammed to music on the way to STM. Even my mom who is turning 40! It took as 5 minutes to get to STM since it was right by my house. Once we parked i tried stuffing my fone into my pocket. The huge piece-o-crap didnt fit so i asked tiff for her jacket. Sure she said, but do you think it would look good on me? TIFFANY! i yelled. She thinks that she is oh so fat but she isnt. Okay okay she said. After we traded jackets i could finally fit my phone into my jacket.Page 5128760.txt Chapter 4 As we walked up the stadium we saw our friend Carla. She yelled hey so we yelled heyback. Once standing by Carla we talked a little while. A couple of hotties were there but hot guys are the last thing i need on my mind. Carlas boyfriend, Mitchell, was also at the STM and boy was he a flirt. But no not with Carla but witheveryone else. Tiffany had a little talk with him and then he immediately stopped. After the talk me and Tiffany spotted one of our 8th grade friends, Ralph. We walkedover to where he was sitting and started talking. Some how we stumbled across a conversation about his ex girl friend, Leah, and how they had a date over the summer. We went bowling with some friends okay? Ralph started.Okay me and tiff replied.After a while we decided to go into the photo booth. Once i was in she quickly shutthe curtain and all of a sudden she was on top of me like making out thEWWWW no more please! Tiffany interrupted.Haha i was just gonna say that i said it was to much. Ralph said.Well that was intriguing i said sarcastically.Haha well... gota run! Ralph said.Okay run along Tiffany said. Once Ralph left Carmen signaled us over to the tree we were all at earlier. I stood on the bench next to her. She leaned in and whispered, Hey i need to tell you something but you cant have a reaction like screaming or anything okay? i nodded, she continued, Bonnie and James have been dating for two weeks. i didnt scream, out loud at least. I found Alex in the crowdand looked at him. I guess he saw the sadness in my eyes because he looked away. I couldnt let Carmen know that i didnt know about it before she told me. So i laughed. Whats so funny about that? she asked.Oh its just that i already knew since like two days after they started dating. i saidWhat?! How?!Brodie Brodie was my some what cousin in 8th grade. He is my excuse a lot.Go figure well that was it. Carmen said dismissing me. God i sure hate when she does that. I jumped off the bench and pulled Tiffany aside and told her everything, even about me lying to Carmen.Page 6128760.txtOMG! He did not! Tiffany said.Apparently so. i replied.Give me your phone we are calling that butt-holeOkay hereThere was no answer!Try again and leave a message.She called him back and boy she left a long nasty message. While she was doing that i went sit agents a tree a couple yards away. Alex looked my way and we met eyes. I just looked away, i cant believe he told me and i didnt believe him. How could i beso stupid?! Before i knew it there Alex was sitting down next to me. I looked towardTiffany to see her looking my way in a do-you-need-back-up type of look. I shook my head then she ran to her friend savannah, a friend of hers.Hey Alex said.Hi i repliedListen, im really sorry about James Iits okay, ill be okay I knocked my head against the tree and let my hands fall outof my lap. He put his hand over mine. I let it be for a little while then i realizedwhat he was trying to do.Listen.. i beganIts to much? He finished.Yeah but maybe later i said patting his hand and walking towards Tiffany. He still likes you? she asked. I nodded, but im going to give time a couple of weeks.Good idea she replied. It was the third quarter in the game and our moms made us watch the rest from the bleachers. STM lost which really sucked. Once we got home Tiffany and i fell asleep right away. Page 7128760.txtChapter 5Weeks went by after the STM game. James Bonnie and I made friends. School went on with bonnie drama but i still stuck close. Yesterday i came back from Alabama because it was my great grandmothers 91 birthday. School starts today and of course i was late. They teacher told me to get a tardy slip but i didnt. Lunch that day was strange. There was a new girl that came to school her name was Eloise. Carmen stuck quite close to her. I could tell that something was going on. Tuesday and Wednesday went by very fast. Then came Thursday. My mom agreed to let me go to a school basketball game. It was the cougars (us) v. tigers (them). Carmen was on the team and i think thats why mom let me go. James and Alex were at the game. I was guessing that Alex went with James since bonnie wasnt around. James was in the bandso it was just me and Alex. I didnt know if Alex still likes me because over Christmas break Alex had a girl friend, Kara, a close friend of mine. Also over those weeks they broke up. I decided to turn flirtatious me on and find out what thedeal was. I think it worked because he was flirting back. He even asked if i wanted a drink!!! A true gentle man. I declined but now i wish i didnt. After the game wasover Alex, James, Carmen, and I all hung out until Ms. Darlene, Carmens mom, said we had to go. She dropped me off at my house; I took a shower and immediately fell asleep. The next day tiffany was a no show, so I hung out with bonnie and Carmen. I started to tell bonnie about the night before and how most people think Alex is the hottest guy in our grade. I told her not to tell him but she apparently did. I foundthus out on AIM later that night.Me: HeyAlex: heyMe: whats upAlex: nothing u?Me: same boredAlex: so guess what I heard from bonnieMe: what?A message popped up from JamesJames: guess whatMe: WhatThen a message from Alex popped upAlex: I heard you thought that I was the hottest guy in schoolAnd that is when I realized bonnie told. I could feel my cheeks becoming red hotMe: yea so?Alex: Is that a way of u asking me out?Me: kind ofAlex: GREATMe: was that sarcasm??!?!?!?Page 8128760.txtAlex: No lol so we are daiting?Me: i think soAlex: cool g2g c u 2morro! ME: okayyyyyAlex: <3 uMe: <3 u 2Then I clicked back to James and my conversation.James: Alex IS GOING TO ASK YOU OUT!!!Me: he just did ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! G2gThen I signed off of aim. Ahhhhhh he said <3 you. I called tiffany right when I got to my room. OMG Guess what?? I asked. Hmmmm you and Alex are going out she answered. Yeah how did you know?!I know things I have to go talk to you laterKay byeI got on aim later that night and I saw that Alex was on. We talked about stuff we liked and didnt like. I found out that his favorite movie is "i am ledged", he loves rock music, and he doesnt like red heads (Yay for me cause im brunette) I also learned that he doesnt sweet talk. After awhile I got pretty tired so I decided to tell him goodnight and go to sleep. The next morning, after being yelled at for waking up late, I quickly got ready in a record time. We were still late. I got to school seeing Carla bringing the tardy slip down to the office. I decided to wait for her because I couldnt wait to tell her about me and Alex, since she liked him too. Once she came out of the office I said. , Hey guess what?! You and Alex are going out tiffany already told me. She replied.Oh Okay well HAH!yea I hate you, she finished as she walked into her class and I walked in mine. She probably meant that but I knew she would get over it. As tiffany saw me she started jumping up and down, apparently about Alex. Im so happy for you! she yelled. Girls! Go sit down! yelled our teacher Mrs. Tanya. okay tiffany and I replied at the same time. Reading and language flew by while theater was a drag. Religion: boring. Math: hard. And now lunch. Alexs class was the first to sit down so he couldnt wait for me. I instead had to sit by the crew aka jack, Gavin, Cole, Brian, Isaac, Damien, coy, john and Nate.Youre going out with Alex jack asked me.Mhmm I said nodding.And you think hes hott?Hotter then youll ever be. I said tuning back around to hear tiffany say nice. I was so glad I finally said the right thing at the right time. After a nasty lunch,and a boring recess, the rest of the day went by quickly. Once I got home I checked my phone. Four new messages, from, Tyler bonnie Alex and James. James and Tylers said hey. While Alexs said, Hey baby and Bonnies said, Do you want to come to my ball Feb. 23?? I respond to that with, totally but ill have to ask my mom. Then I replied to Alexs with I thought you didnt sweet talk and Tyler and Jameswith heyPage 9128760.txtA message from Alex popped up.Alex: when Im in a good mood I doMe: Oh okay well I like you when your in a good mood g2g ttylAlex: luv uMe: luv u 2Ah we said luv instead of <3!! A message from bonnie popped upBonnie: Okay cool it will b like the 1 last year so wear something nice.Me: nice got it g2gI texted my mom and asked her about bs ball she said we would talk about it tonightAfter taking a brief 15 minute nap, I decided to do my homework, amazing right? I had to do stupid math and ren math. God i hated ren math.Its because of RM i have a C in math. And boy if i have a c i am killed by my mother. Not really dont worry. After home work mom came into the house. "Mom your finally home!" i screeched. "Amber no not completely i am leaving in like 5 min." she fired"well can i go to b's ball?""Yes for now but we have to discuss this whole Alex thing later i am leaving bye!""Okay bye"nothing went on for the rest of the week. Mom was avoiding the situation and i just knew it. It was Saturday morning, 3 weeks before the ball, and i finally sat her down to talk about it. She said she would have to call Mrs. Bree, Bonnies mom, to make sure she knew that Alex and I were dating, even though i told her 50 times he told her. Mrs. Bree and mom stayed on the phone for at least two hours. They didnt only talk about the ball but all the bonnie drama whoopie! Once Mom hung up with ms.Bree she called me over to have a little chat. She told me no dancing close no going alone with Alex no kissing and all that stuff. She also mentioned she had spies but i still didnt care because i knew i was going to be dancing close. Thenwe talked about what i would wear. She said i should wear the one from last year buti knew that would be a big no no. After i explained why she said we would go dress shopping either tomorrow or next weekend. I knew it would be next weekend because mymom, like most moms, waits to do everything at the last minute. After Mom finally stopped talking i went into my room to tell bonnie and Alex i could go. Bonnie texted back saying how happy she was and who all was coming which was Eloise (yes the new girl), Kara (yes Alexs ex), Maggie, ( a like 10 year old who i met last year), and Elizabeth (one of bonnies high school friends). Now onto the guys, Matt (a guy she went on vacay with) James, and Alex. Alex replied saying how psyched he was. I was in the middle of texting back Alex when my dad came in yelling at me to do the dishes, and i might have yelled back a little, and then he took my phone away. I got so pissed that i locked myself in my room and turned my radio on so it would drown out the outside world. It was finally Monday and i got to tell everybodyi dont have my phone. The week went bye with the teachers trying to cram in everything before Mardi Gras. It was finally Saturday morning, two weeks before the ball. I was so excited when i left to go dress shopping! I already had a dress in mind that i saw on the stores web sight. We saw it right when we walked in so we grabbed it and kept looking. I picked up a couple of other dresses to try on also. One of them was my moms choice and it was hideous. I walked into the dressing room and tried on the dress that mom picked out i was very happy when i said, it doesntfit!! Then i tried on the other dresses which were a little big in the upper area. Then i tried on the last one and prayed it worked because it was the cutest: It was blue with black spaghetti straps with black sequins making a design at the bottom and a black some what bow under the chest. I prayed that it would fir. And it did. Isent a picture of me in it to bonnie and Alex. Alex said he loved it while bonnie said its ok. Mom and i both knew that she didnt like it because it was blue like hers and she wanted to be special. Neither Mom or I cared so we bought it any way. After buying it Mom and i looked around a little more to find accessaries Page 10128760.txtChapter 6Alex and Bonnie were on vacay all the next week which sucked because i didnt get tosee Alex. Although he still called me when he could which was almost once every day.Hmm look another thing James didnt do. That week still went by pretty fast. It was now Sunday and i was talking to Bonnie on AIM. She told me that Alex got me something. I called Tiffany right away to tell her. She started screaming like a crazy child which i knew she would do. After hanging up with tiff i told bonnie i had to go. Which i did, i tried falling asleep as soon as i could and some how i did. The next morning i woke up very hyper, which was a surprise to me. I was ready by 6:45. But, of corse we didnt leave till thirty minutes later at 7:15 because Momhad to do her make-up. I was of course tardy and didnt get to see Alex before we went to class. Great now 5 subjects before i can see him. Some how those 5 subjects went by so fast it felt like one. Lunch went by fast, thank goodness. Once at recess, Tiffany Carla and I got out before Alex, Alex came and met us.This is for you he said handing me a little box. It was rapped in a lot of rapping paper, i figured bonnie did it because she likes to make things complicated. I tore the rapping off and gave it to Carla then i opened the box. It was a ring, and a very pretty ring indeed! I gave the box to Carla which she just threw, along with all thepaper, on the ground. I put the ring on at it fit perfectly. Aww thank you! i saidhugging Alex. Your welcome he replied. How did you know it would fit? i asked. I just put it around my finger and hoped it worked he replied. Well it did! Now lets go play soccer! tiffany said. And so we did then recess quickly ended. That week went by pretty fast for me, but not so much for others.The week before the ball was great with Alex but not so much with tiffany and bonnie. Dont forget that tiffany has a thing against bonnie. Tiff has been pretty upset with me lately since i was hanging out with bonnie so much. But the only reason that is like that is because Alex hates when me and bonnie fight. Im thinkingits a brother sister thing. And i really didnt want to upset Alex three days before the ball. I couldnt live like that. I tried to let tiffany know but aperntally she didnt get the message since i got a visit from Audrey. Audrey is thegossip spreader at our school. She came up to me while i was with bonnie and Carla and she told me to come down. I did even thow i knew it had something to do with tiffany. She randomly started yelling on and on about how i always hung out with bonnie and not tiff. I tried to explain that Tiff and i talk every night and see each other every weekend. When she kept going on and on i just walked away even thowi knew that would get her mad. She was still yelling across the Gym when i was walking up to tiff and explained everything. She said that it was okay but she didnt tell Audrey to go up and confront me like that. Oh look another Audrey lie....Page 11128760.txtChapter 7Today was finally the ball day, I woke up feeling horrible. That stuff like that always happens to me, getting sick right before something big. I called Alex to tellhim that i was sick and i might not be coming. He said that he really hoped i would feel better because it would be pointless for him to go to the ball with out me. After we hung up i, of course, threw up. But after that i felt extremely better. I called Alex to tell him what happened and how much better i felt and he said that was great and he couldnt wait to see me tonight. When it was about two hours beforethe ball i started getting ready. I showered, scrubbed my teeth like there was no tomorrow, straitened my hair, then got dressed. I thought i looked great in my pretty blue dress, black heels, black dangle ear rings, and of course the ring. I was spinning that night at bonnies dont worry Alex was going to James so i had my bag ready to go. There was only one thing stopping me, MOM! Lets go! i yelled threw the house. Go in the car! Im right behind you. So i went in the car and waited, and waited, and waited until i couldnt wait any longer, so i started honking the horn, then she came out. The ride to bonnies was shorter then usual, i guess that was a good thing. Once we got to bonnies drive way i asked my mom if she could come down with me because i was kind of nervous. I opened the car door and tried stepping out which didnt work to well since i fell flat on my butt. DANG HEELS! I got up to see Mom laughing and checking the dress to make sure nothing ripped. I thanked God when nothing did. Mom and I walked up to the door and i rang the doorbell. Alex came to the door and opened it for me. He looked really good, he had on black dress pants and a blue stripped dress shirt. I walked to bonnies room to see Eloise Kara Elizabeth, and Maggie. Bonnie was already at the ball getting ready. My mom of course had to tell the story of me falling out the car. Once mom finally left. We chit chat about our dresses until mr. Ray, bonnies dad, came in andsaid we had to go. We had to fit 9 people in a 8 people car. They had Mr. Ray and Elizabeth in the front James, Alex, and Matt in the way back and the rest of the girls in the middle. The 20 minute drive felt like a hour since mr. Ray kept talkingand asking questions. Once there, we all piled out and i said, Yes! I didnt fall this time! All the girls laughed while the boys just looked confused. Walking up i had a little stumble but no one noticed. Alex was by my side and he even oped the door for me. When we walked inside it was so amazing it was a hawian theme and therewere so many colors. The stage had the same curtain thing as last year, a rainbow colored stripes with Crew De Amusement in the middle. All of us walked to the veryback corner, you can still see everything, and sat at out table. I was sitting by Alex of course and then Elizabeth on my other side. I just put my purse down and stood there until i saw some people from school. Carla was one of them. I went talk with her and Eloise for a little while. Mr. Ray told us to go sit down because it would start soon and we all went to our seats. I still had my black jacket on and itgot hot so i decided to take it off. I saw out the corner of my eye that James leaned over to tell Alex something. I also heard Alex say, oh wait till you see bonnies. i figured it was the dress since was a tank dress. We all had little poppers and Alex popped some at me and James. The First one he did to me i let out aPage 12128760.txtscream and jumped. Once i knew it was him i laughed. He started to steal my poppers and i quickly took the last one i had to save for when bonnie came out. When the lights started dimming Alex asked me, Do you want to hold hands? Okay i replied.And so we did. I was so glad that the lights were down so he couldnt see how red myface was. We held hands until bonnie came up on stage which was a good 10 minutes into the show. Once it was our turn we all popped out poppers and yelled, Go bonnie! After finishing that me and Alex started holding hands again. We pretty much held hands the whole time unless we had to get something to eat or drink or something like that. Once the ball was over, the party started. Bonnie was still getting undressed from her ball gown and putting on her party dress when the dancingstarted. The beginning of the ball was a little rough. Bonnie was talking to me about Eloise and Carla. Bonnie knew i didnt really like Carla so she started to agree. She thought Carla was stealing Eloise away from her. About 10 minutes after that the dance floor was ready and so were we. They had some old songs but mostly new ones. After about 5 up beat song a slow song came on. This is what i was nervousfor the whole night. I knew i just had to do it and get over it. So i did. Alex and I got together and started dancing. His arms around my waste and my arms around his neck felt awkward but romantic. We went to close to each other since i was nervous. James was with bonnie and ironically matt was with Eloise. Hmm weird. The song was ashort one so i was happy when it was over. My 6th grade friend victoria came up to me and showed me pictures she took on her camera. I told her not to show my mom and she agreed. They had more peppy songs of course. Then another slow one. I got back together with Alex and we were closer this time. It felt good. Out the corner of my eye i see James standing there waiting for bonnie while bonnie was talking with matt. Whats wrong? Alex asked me. I guess he saw the confusion in my eyes. Oh nothing i was just wondering what was up with Matt and bonnie. i said. Oh well yougo find out and Ill keep James company while he is waiting he said. Okay i said walking off to meet bonnie. Whats going on? i asked. Bonnie wants me to dance with the girl in the purple dress. Matt said. You mean Kara? i asked. Yea her but i didnt want to because i wanted to dance with Eloise. He replies. Well then i dont know how bout you just skip this song and me and bonnie shall go dance with our dates? I said laughing and pulling bonnie away and pushing her towards James since the song was still on. I was with Alex once again for about a minute then the song ended. I looked around to find bonnie but couldnt. I asked Alex where she was he said he didnt know. Then i went to ask James. He said that she went look for Eloise and Kara. Then i realized they were missing. Then Elizabeth came up and said we might want to go look for them. And so we, Elizabeth, Alex, James and I, went. Right before we walked into the hall, Alex holding my hand, i said, Wait my mom said not to go anywhere alone. to Alex. We arent alone we have Elizabeth. he said. True then we went on to look. We looked up and down the hallways with still no sign. Once we gave up we went back in to the ball room and spotted them. We ran, well sped walked, to them. We figured out the source of hecticness. Eloises ex-boyfriend, called and said he was at her house. After bonnie explained i said we should just put our phones up and have a good time. There was another slow song, andthe DJ said it would be the last. So Alex and i got together. This time our chest were touching, thats how close we were. About mid-way into the song he said, I love you I love you too i replied. He was the first boy to ever tell me he loved me in person. And i was glad it was him and not James. I rested my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes and let the music flow. Once that song was over they played a couple more songs then we had to leave. BUT the night wasnt quite over. We all piled into the car again but instead Mr. Ray took the other car to the house, and Mrs. Bree drove. Now instead of only having four girls we had five since we had bonnie. We all drove to Buffalo Wild Wings, a grill place we all loved. It was packed as usual so it took us a while to find a place to sit since we had 10 people.None of us really ordered since mrs. Bree just ordered a bunch of wings. I tried a wing for the first time and it was delicious, but very spicy. At BWW buffalo wild wings they have at least 10 TVs four of them being very large. All at once a girls gone wild commercial came on. Mrs. Bree freaked out and told all of us to look away.I laughed it off but she was serious and so we did. That commercial came on like 4 times that night. Once we finally left we had to go drop Matt off. All the girls had to get out to let him out. Since there was a open seat in the back with Alex andJames i decided to go back there. Once everyone was settled i texted my mom to see if she was still awake. I waited about a minute then got her response. I told her about the night but not soPage 13128760.txtmuch the dancing so close part. I was looking out the window when all of a sudden Alexs arm was around me. For the second time that night i thanked God it was dark. Your hair smells really good he whispered to me. Thanks i whispered/laughed back. Then all of a sudden i think he started to kiss my head. I got a text from momthat said, Amber are you in love? Who are you texting? Alex asked my mom i replied. Can i see? he asked. Noooo its mother daughter stuff! i whisper yelled.I texted back my mom with, maybe... g2g bye When i looked up from my phone we wereat Bonnies house. Alex and James got down to go get Alexs stuff. Mrs. Bree stayed in the car. Bonnie and I were with Alex and James just out side Alexs room. Alex was about to leave so we said bye and hugged. When i came back from the hug i thought that was it but it wasnt. He was leaning down, so i closed my eyes and got on my tip-toes and kissed him. My first kiss! YES! And with a guy that i loved and loved me. After they left we all sat down in bonnies room. It was 1:00 AM so we wereall pretty tired so we tried to figure out where we were going to sleep. Turns out me and Maggie were going to sleep in Alexs room and everyone else in bonnies room. After every one got in there pjs, me in caprea pants that have smileys, hearts, andpeace signs all over them and a tank that says peace love and happiness and a big smiley face, we went our sepreat ways. Me and Maggie went that tired so we searched around Alexs room. I saw his laptop and said, JACKPOT to Maggie. We went to sit on a chair and opened it. I wouldnt come on so we figured it was dead and pugged inthe charger and then it came on. We looked threw some of his videos there werent any good ones. Then i decided to make a video of Maggie and I. We talked about random things i showed the cam a pair of boxers i found on the ground and laughed. Then we said we found his secret stash of candy canes and we had some and Maggie broke one. Then after a while we started getting tired so we told the webcam bye andi said I love you to it. Then we crawled in Alexs bed and right before we fell asleep i said, It smells like him! to Maggie. Then i quickly fell asleep.Chapter 8The next morning i woke up to find Maggie sleeping and Bonnies vicious cat, Sweety, (ironic), on me. I kept petting it so it wouldnt get mad. After about 30 minutes ofme being the only one awake Maggie woke up. She turned over to see the cat on me andstarted laughing. Get it off! i whisper yelled. So she did. Then we got out of bedto see Elizabeth and Kara already up. We sat down and talked with them until bonnie and Eloise finally woke up. We all tidied up, by that meaning brushing teeth brushing hair etc. We all walked into Bonnies kitchen to see that Mr. Ray got donutslike he always did when bonnie had friends over. I grabbed three donuts (im a skinnypig) and went sit down with everyone in bonnies game room. Well it just has a big TVand a bar and no games. Anyway we started to watch the end of Juno. It was at the scene when Juno was having the baby when James and Alex walked in. Awkward! They said, hello and goodbye! then walked to Alexs room. Bonnie, Elizabeth and I all walked to Alexs room to say hey and hang out. Right when i sat down mrs. Bree comesin and says, girls go back in the living room, guys you can join them if you want So all of us James, Alex, Elizabeth, Bonnie, and I walked back into the living room. James and Alex stopped in the kitchen to grab some donuts. The doorbell then rang and i prayed it wasnt my mom. And it wasnt, it was Elizabeths. Once she left all the girls including my self were in the living room. Kara, Maggie, and Eloise were on the sofa; i was on the recliner, and Bonnie was in a love chair. Then the boys walked in and Alex came sit by me and James by bonnie. James and Bonnie were lucky because they had a big seat, while me and Alex were squished. I didnt think he minded it though since he had his arm around me. I was pretty O.K. with it so i didnt blush that time. We decided to order Batman Dark night. About a half of a quarter through the movie Eloises mom came, and then a quarter through the movie Karas mom came. So then it was only me and well bonnie. Oh and the guys. Then half way through the movie my mom came. I was sad to go but i knew i would have to soonerPage 14128760.txtor later. So Alec and I hugged then i left. Once in the car i recapped the night to mom, except for the kiss. I couldnt tell her. Not yet at least. Page 15

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This is a story i wrote its pretty much based on my life... im not completely done with editing so sorry


1/4/2010 2:39 PM Premium
I just came across your media. Share this media with your friends and fans to get more votes.

7/14/2009 11:37 PM
Anyway...sorry about all the 'writing' here lol...TALTOPIA just DON'T give anyone enough room to make REAL comments...ya know??!!!! Anyway...I wish ya the BEST of luck in this contest :)~! Also, will get back to finishing readin this soon!

7/14/2009 11:36 PM
You kinda remind me of my daughter :) w/ your style of writing :)!! You said you pretty much base your story on real life? So..I take it you do have a B/F who has a troubled life? Poor guy :(...Well...I'll keep my fingers crossed for m':)

7/14/2009 11:35 PM
I think I read that you are 13?? My youngest Daughter and third out of 4 kiddos, is your age!!! Her name is Megan...she likes to write as well :)!! Even though I mostly write poetry myself, my daughter writes stories :)!!!

7/14/2009 11:33 PM
OMG...WOW!!!! I apologize...Even though I LOVE writing, I am so HORRIBLE at reading :(...I only read about half of your story (saving the rest to read at a later time :)!!!)...but, I REALLLLLY LOVED what I did read...u got my vote :D!!!!!1



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