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Its all out of our hands


It's all out of our hands What is it that I may write about? Long forgotten goodbyes or future ones to come? smiles that change to frowns seriousness that turns to clown youth that grows to old age beds left for graves I think I'll forget where I am for a while Why not trap myself in the frame of mind that history is changed & nothing repeats the same How about the illusion that all is well which most of us seem to be stuck in? Why not join them? oh No I cannot my eyes have already been opened the fakeness faded all the jaded slipped away I must portray what reality now brings we are created and control nothing once we realize & utilize our lives we can fix this Copyright ¬2009 Jason Lammons Jason Lammons

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Just a poem I wrote one day...


12/23/2009 9:03 AM Premium
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7/27/2009 1:41 AM
I really enjoyed reading your poem for the contest...it's beautiful!!! Sounds to me like you know what your talkn' about :)...you didn't just throw a bunch of words together to rhyme, you showed meaning and personality!! Great job!



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Date: 7/10/09
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