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Blue Blood Mary

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She'll drain your mind
She'll shred your soul
Steal your watch
Or steal your time
She'll knock you flat
She'll leave you cold
Ain't no one as bold
As Blue Blood Mary
She'll blow your mind
She'll char your heart
A fist of ashes
A heart filled with dark
She'll raise you up
Just to claw you down
Ain't no one as cold
As Blue Blood Mary
And if you try
To send her down
A poisoned kiss
A special frown
You let her in
Your mortal sin
Ain't no gold
In the heart of Blue Blood Mary


1/10/2010 2:34 AM
This is just a out right KICK BUTT song. Love Love LOVE it. Another one of my favs.



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Date: 7/11/09
Music: Rock