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On The Ropes

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Available on Verizon, itunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, this song is the true story of a has-been WWF wrestler with a major drug problem who lived across the street from us for about a year and made the surrounding neighbors insane with his never ending antics.
Amongst other things, when his wife filed for divorce, he climbed up onto the overpass bridge on the I-10 freeway in Phoenix threatening to jump off into the rush hour traffic.

What a strange party I went to last night
Nary a soul you couldn't get in a fight
A birthday wife with a no show man
A lone guitarist with a no show band.

I don't know what's going on
But I smell something blowin' strong

On the ropes
The ropes

Host dude was bangin' on my door all week
Saying how I'm in for a special treat
It turned out more like a rotten trick
Now the whole neighborhood knows you're a first class *%ick

I don't care what's going on
Just another bad day for old King Kong

On the ropes
The ropes

King Kong's hangin' off the I-10 bridge
Fakin' it like he don't wanna live
But that won't keep no marriage alive
Cause no one cares if you take a dive


Now you know what's going on
Just another bad day for has been King Kong

On the ropes
The ropes
The Rope, Rope Ropes


11/4/2009 11:11 AM

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8/20/2009 3:48 AM
Love this, you're great!!!!



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