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Enough (The Doovie Brothers) Newer

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I have this uploaded Enough to my taltopia profile as a normal audio media, but since the time I have made this video, I have added a WHOLE lot more to it! It just sounded like it needed something, like something was missing in the old version. I added strings and brass and more and it's not bad!

Also, the art is by me as well. My idea of The Doovie Brothers' Worship album CD cover, and character pictures of Phil Marshall, Doov Groove, and Toby Tyball.

All vocals are me, all guitars are me, and trumpet duet at beginning is me!!!! If you want to know who The Doovie Brothers are, see one of my drawings of them... the group picture would probably be the best to see who they are.





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Date: 7/13/09
Music: Other