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Phil J Marshall

cartoon, singer, comic, band, rock

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Phil Marshall, the lead singer for The Doovie Brothers! Art by me, Ben!

Phil is the lead singer and trumpet player! He comes from Australia. When he turned 11 or 12, he moved to the USA joining the band in middle school on trumpet. He later met Doov and started a singing career with him as The Doovie Brothers band!!! Phil and Doov are so funny together! Doov's always farting in their songs and Phil's always saying, "Ew, mate! Don't do that, we're recording!" Of course I know I can edit out the farts in the songs, but I think they sound funny! You're listening to cool music and all of a sudden, FLART!!!! "Excuse me, deee!" "Shoo, mate!"

And no, I'm not making fun of Australian accents or Australians! In fact, the reason I gave Phil this accent is because I LOVE the Australian accent... though I can't do a good Australian accent when I'm voice acting as Phil. :P So to make it sound better, I've added the fact that Phil is starting to gain the southern American accent... kinda growing on him since he's been in the USA for a while... but in reality, it's me stinking at Australian accents. :P





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Date: 7/14/09
Art: Drawing