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Is It?

Is it a lie if you dance around the truth Walking on coals but avoiding the flame Never admitting to the depth of your soul So people believe you're as false as fiction Unable to feel, as cold as glass Nothing more than an empty vase You're too afraid to let anyone in Because rejection could shatter your mask Is it a lie if you laugh off the pain As they hurt you, their words Cutting into you like knives And if you pretend to be unaffected Although inside you are bleeding And broken to your innermost core Is it a lie if you hide inside yourself Unwilling to let anyone know that you feel So is it a lie if you hide the truth Is it?

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This is a poem, referring to a situation that I'm sure most people, including myself, have experienced. To summarize, when people hide themselves from others or don't express how they feel, are they lying?


7/19/2009 6:39 AM
I tough to be a younger person and feel like this, when you get older you say screw it! I don't know who said it but it rings so true..." to thine own self be true"!

7/18/2009 9:32 PM
Very thought provoking! I think it's only a lie when we hide from ourselves...hiding our pain from others is sometimes the only way we can handle the reality of a situation!



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Date: 7/15/09
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