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Just Let Me Forget You-a song i wrote-

Let Me Forget You-a song i wrote- ohhh why why why why why why you hurt me and broke up my heart i was doing good till you came back around the painful memories were slowly leavin' but the more i keep believin' in your smile the mre i call them back...but i don't want to.. **(chorus)** you're so mean how could you have been the one i loved so much nothin' was wrong with you way back when, so honey i have to ask where's the guy i loved then he was cute and sweet, and no guy could have beat the way he made me feel i thought i would never have gotten over you, but honey i held my breath, let go of my tears and along with them went all of my fears of what to do when i got over you and i did so good, but honey now you're coming back, and i have but one request...please oh please just don't... just let me forget youuu) the look came back in your eyes when you smiled at me but can't you see **(chorus)** i can't believe what you did today you said you want me, oh baby you hurt my heart again how could you ever think i would take you back i won't no not ever againnn and i told youuuuu **(chorus)** ohh just let me forget you that all i wanna dooooo, oh honey is to forget youuu, yeaaaaa just let me forget you......

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the song starts out kinda slow in the beginning but then it picks up it's pace and in the end it's slow again....
what the songs about : it's about a guy and a girl that were supposedly really in love but then he cheated on her and it broke her heart and she had to try so hard to forget him and move on but when she finally does he comes back and says how much he wants to be with her again and it hurts her that he would even think such a thing and she's begging him to just let her go and move on and be happy....just let me forget you....


2/28/2010 8:08 AM
thank you :D

9/13/2009 12:57 AM
Sweet lyrics. Most of my songs are of this nature. Famed



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Date: 7/17/09
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