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8th grade year-a song wrote-

Our 8th Grade Year-a song i wrote- we're sitting here crying and sighing over our ex's instead of wondering who coul be next for us.... come on this is our **(chorus)** (8th grade year we gotta make it what we want it to be....we gotta let go.... and stand out and have fun.... cuz it's our 8th grade year) you you can choose to be miserable.... you can choose to be ecstatic.... honey the choice is up to you.... so i'd choose wisely.... cuz it's our **(chorus)** you gotta make this your best year ever.... we gotta shine....stay outta line.... and lose control.... cuz honey it's our **(chorus)** (repeat) and it's your chioce to be who you want to be who u really want to be.... cuz it's our **(chorus)**

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i wrote this song for my friends :) love you guys!!




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Date: 7/17/09
Music: Country