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i love you

I Love You-a song i wrote- i've been cheated on and lied to but every time i look at you you get me through **(chorus)** (cuz you are my sun you make everything fun and you are my day that makes me feel like everything's okay cuz you are my light and i'll never let you go cuz i'll put up a fight cuz i love you yea, i love you) today i come to school cryin and you sit there sighin saying what's wrong and i tell you everything and i know this aint just a fling **(chorus)** and i don't know how i could ever feel this way i'm not used to looking at a guy and knowing everything's okay but with you there's something different **(chorus)** (slow tempo) **(chorus)**(regular tempo) oh yea i know for sure that i love you yea i love you....<3

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3/12/2010 2:38 PM Premium
Nice work! We hope to see some more media from you!



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Date: 7/17/09
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