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Life in Hell

Life in Hell The End Hear the screams Hear the threats Hear the sins as they overwhelm your thoughts feel as the cold hand closes your eyes opening your ears to the unbelievable present All that you feel is the utter isolation The unforgivable pain the unrelenting revenge That starts to tear at you ripping at your skin exposing your true form the ugly being that lives underneath your mouth opens letting out a scream of triumph The ground explodes sending earth in all directions screams fill the atmosphere as the voices are sent into the air black blur shoots through the hole spreading it's wings covering the sun the only light was the raging fire that emitted itself from the chest of the flying beast it produced a noise so loud it caused all ears to die leaving only the few that were asleep with one sweep of its wings a wall of fire engulfed the earth

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Date: 7/17/09
Other: Writing