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God bless the mentally Ill

God Bless the mentally Ill... God bless the mentally ill as they live a life of trials, It's a roller coaster of everyday good & bad... Never being solved. For their lives are full of hurt & pain, Never to fit in.. God Bless the mentally ill so they can be normal again... As they try so hard to survieve the world around..it's a frieghten place to live. To be singled out by people who make jokes,name call, & don't know what it's all about. A normal routine is all they ask and be away from fears that never seem to go away. God bless the mentally ill..as the people just don't understand of our days.. the hardship,the depresion,seeing things in grey all the time,& the pills we take for days on end... The doctors we see and counseling that goes on for years... Bless our tears,grief,and fears..that some day we shall smile,be strong,have our lives back & the trials will be at a end~

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A poem about mentally illness as I do have Bipolar~


11/24/2009 6:33 PM
My grandson has this and I certainly am sensitive to this. You are very brave and a blessing!

9/8/2009 6:21 AM Premium
Thanks Janese, it wasn't easy to come up with this poem & I was a bit scared to show my work..but your saying this helps me feel better about putting it out there~

8/8/2009 8:46 PM
I have dealt with Bipolar in my family, so I can understand some of the heartache you go through! Bless you for putting it in to words...so many people don't even try to understand! You are really a talented writer! Keep up the good work!

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Date: 7/18/09
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