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Lady Nature Newer

Christian, God, Jesus, Christ, Super

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This is the new look for Mary Eve Regolski, aka Lady Nature of The Extraordinary League of Christians... or Christianity! This picture is based off of the picture Larry Swearingen III drew of her (costume and colors and all). Basically, he drew his picture of Lady Nature based off of my older drawings of him, and I took his drawing and made a drawing of her based on his picture... kind of like a snowball effect. :P

And for those who don't know, Larry Sweargingen is the cool comic artist I met on facebook who wants to team up with me (him as artist and me and layout artist and writer) and make Christian comics online, reaching the lost world somehow with the good news of Christ! Mainly kids and youth, but old people can read them too. :P I have always wanted this comic idea to be useful in some way to reach the whole world, not just my own church! Meeting Larry may just be the beginning of that very dream!!!!

So yea! Cool, dawg!!!




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Votes: 8
Views: 1,462
Date: 7/20/09
Art: Drawing