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Mary Eve Regolski - newer

Christian, Christianity, God, Jesus, Christ

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A new look for Mary Eve Regolski, aka Lady Nature on my comic, The Extraordinary League of Christians. This is the girl (once again) my song Called to Be The Light is written for. I would encourage you to NOT listen to it, because my voice don't sound too pretty. I've done a lot to it since then anyway, and I'm wanting to try and singing again with all the new stuff I've added. So yea... either that or just record it with a new band I'm going to be in! Yea, that's right!!!! I'm going to be singing in a band with others, and maybe we can use some of my songs and record them better than just using MIDI instruments and a web cam microphone. :P This way, I can sing out more and sound better than I would holding my voice back.

So yea, getting back to this picture... I don't know if this picture looks that good or not. The chest area is a bit large... and that's kind of bad on a female... I feel so uncomfortable when drawing females, but I also feel like I can draw them much better than males. I don't know.



7/22/2009 11:21 AM
Nice drawing - Famed!



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Date: 7/20/09
Art: Drawing