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The Doovie Brothers: Worship - album cover

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This is what I have in mind for The Doovie Brothers' Worship album. I actually had original colors, but I inverted them on the computer. I don't know if I like it or not because that kind of gives it a dark look... and worship music should be bright and joyful. :) Here are the songs I have in mind for this album... some I have already started, some I have already finished. I'm going to star the ones I have finished already and dash the ones I'm still working on. :) Of course the ones with no sign next to it are neither finished nor started. They're just in mind. :)

*Heart of Worship (instrumental intro)
*Heart of Worship (live) (Redman)
Above All (LeBlanc and Balache)
*Above All (Mack McDonald guitar)
-Let it Rain (Farron)
Forever (Tomlin)
*Free (TDB)
*Enough (Tomlin)
-We Fall Down (Tomlin)
-Agnus Dei (Michael W Smith)
Exhalted (Tomlin)
I Praise You (Ben Mullins)
-I will Rise (Tomlin)
Blessed be Your Name (Tree63)
Here I Am to Worship
Let the Worshippers Arise
Forever Love (Battistelli?) (live CD only)

Possibly more, but I don't know. This album is going to be a 2 disc album! One as the studio recorded songs, and the other live recorded... not really live, but I will make it sound like it is. :)




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Date: 7/24/09
Art: Drawing