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Friends with Yourself (unfinished) - TDB

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This is one of my newest songs I wrote, and is most definately my newest Doovie Brothers song (as of 7-27-09). To see who the Doovie Brothers are, you can go to www.myspace.com/thedooviebros

Yes, that's a picture I drew of me at the beginning, because it's me talking. I'm Ben Mullins, and all the Doovie Brothers' voices. :P There are also other pictures are drawings of mine of The Doovie Brothers as well. :)

Also if you want to find out more about this song, there is a blog on The Doovie Brothers' myspace page that explains it more. This song is unfinished right now (7-27-09), but I will hopefully have it done soon. :)

Tell me what you think. Yea, I'm sure there are things I could add to the vocals and things, like an acoustic guitar, but this is just an early recording. It's not the finished version! Vocals could probably be a bit better as well. But yea besides that, I'd like to know what you think. This is a song for people that don't like theirselves or who they are, and maybe have had thoughts of wanting to kill themselves. :(

The Doovie Brothers are SO cool! While "Phil" is talking, you can hear "Doov" eating beef stew in the background. :P And the reason I put these guys' names in quotes is becausse I am actually their voices. :)

Hope this sounds good or ok... at least the words. :)





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Date: 7/27/09
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