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RELIEVED MARIE By: Dimitrious Davis There Marie who now sit without me who lie in the bed. Marie is there plain to see but shes been gone for quite sometime. Marie no longer radiates like the sun. Marie no longer shines like the moon, she is only pale. Marie stands there looking at her reflection threw her cracked mirror that creates seven images of herself. Threw each of her reflections, she only sees grief and darkness, Marie looked down with tears rolling down her pale cold cheeks, into her hands which no longer holds. Marie looked up into the mirror and seen seven children. Marie looked around to see what could be making these haunting images but found nothing except for her sleeping husband. She looked back into the mirror and stared into each child face starting from the left. The first child Sue was her first child who died mysteriously before the age of five, Uma, her oldest child could no longer deal with this world and committed suicide. Poor Ian, left without a trace and never was seen again, Cindy was ill and died from a colored fever at age ten. Marie always blamed herself for Iran death. If Marie would have kept him from outside he wouldn't have fell to the rocks below. Dannie and Ellie were born together. When Dannie died from a cold Ellie was all alone and surely died from loneliness. Marie then stood up, thinking about these tragedies trying to make sense of it. She then put it all together like a puzzle; "Suicide" Marie yelled "Suicide is the key! Please take me know so I can be with my family." The paleness left her face leaving her shining like the sun. She's now brighter then the stars that prances above. Marie placed on a white dress and fixed her hair quickly. She knew that the meeting place was the deep blue sea. Yet Marie still was lost not having a clue, without the person that she said "I do" to. Marie then felt something lift her right hand. It was her husband, me. I then lead her threw the doors right there near the sea where she was loved and welcomed by her dead family. I wore the same clothes as I did in bed. If Marie would have tried to wake me she would have known I was dead. We all joined hands and danced near the sea. Once she jumps we'll be together for all eternity. No more tears, no more crying Marie thought to herself taking no time to jump. While she was falling, she knew earth was no longer for her. There I was, holding her hand like the day we wed. Unfortunately for this to happen, now our legacy is dead.

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This is a short story of an unfortunate lady!


12/30/2009 10:55 AM Premium
This is great! Be sure to upload some more content.



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Date: 7/28/09
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