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Bernie Mac


Bernie Mac 1957-2008 Although I did not know you, During your shows, you came right through.. My TV. Screen as a character, So then you, I felt I knew. Well, Bernie youre missed by many, And, time can only mend, The sadness goin around us, To many, foe and friend. Ive heard your life was fanatical. Stardom didnt get in your way, Of friendships and your family. You were the same person every day! Sadly, your soul has departed, From this emotional, physical life. I know youll mostly be missed, By your friends, family and ... Dear Wife! Many will forever boast of your movies, Sitcoms and your shows Memory is a funny thing, Especially when it grows! So, Bernie even though youve left this Earth, Please keep so close to you, The love of many, near and far, Especially your Wifes, so True. So, now my heart goes so far out, To all of those who have lost, Someone so very close to them, And, just how much sadness it cost. As I end my words so pure, I hope that many will see. Just how much life means for some, And, how much it means to me! RebeccaJeanine May Peace be of comfort and may many memories bring The McCullough Family Through this durable time God Bless.

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Here's a poem I wrote the day or a few days after the death of one of my comedian heroes, Bernie Mac. It's not much, but it meant a lot to me to be able to write my feelings down. I was very shocked to have heard of his untimely passing :(. I will share more poems with you guys. I wasn't going to post my poems here, but after doing a lot of soul searching and thinking about it, I decided to go w/ it :). I hope my words some how bring a smile to someone's face in one way or another, whether it be a happy smile, giddy smile, romantic smile, or even a sad smile :)...Good luck to all of you out there reaching for the stars!!! :)




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Date: 7/29/09
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