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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie As I wipe the sleep, from the corner of my eye. Slowly this slumber, Will wake me from low to high. My days are numbered, so I feel they are. When at my lowest, I feel my mind is a mar. So, what do I do, on this low of all days. Do I burrow back under, or find other ways? For to me, this World, can be cruel to most. Even though we all wish, Fame and Riches we could boast! Okso one morning, Im down, now Im high! On this new day, My mind runs a spry! Everythings so wonderful, For, my mind tells me so! Oh, what the heck, At least Im not moving to slow! So, again for me, Days like these can last, with ups and downs, they all change so fast! One moment Im happy, Next, all doom brings me down. If only there were a median, where I NEVER could frown. RebeccaJeanine ¬ Copyright 2008 RebeccaJeanine71 (UN: rebeccajeanine at Writing.Com). All rights reserved. RebeccaJeanine71 has granted Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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Just another poem I wrote a while back :)




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Date: 7/29/09
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