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Part of His Plan (still a bit unfinished)

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This is a song I wrote for one of my characters on my Christian comic called The Extraordinary League of Christians... or Christianity... which ever you prefer. :) The girl's name is Stormi Jane Peterson, and she is a villian known as Hurricane Jane.

She is the daughter and result of a rape victim, and she therefore believes she's an accident! She's alive because of a tragedy. She also later gets caught up in a magnet powered hurricane, which gives her storm, wind, hurricane, and electricity powers. This makes her friends believe she's a monster. There's no doubt, this girl has a lot of pain in her life. Though I know my vocals aren't the best (it actually gets better near the end), this song is written for those who believe they have no meaning in life, or believe they're accidents. My favorite part of this song is probably the bridge, because of the words and the music. Really cool.

This song is still missing a 2nd verse, so to fill it in, I put the 1st verse once again where the 2nd is suppose to be. If you want to see what Stormi looks like, I don't know if I have pictures of her on here, but here's a video I made before I wrote this song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Me1X6f-ltuM

Verse 1:
She believes she was the accident of it all!
God messed up when He created her overall!

But let me say time and time again,
You’re made to be a child of the King.
There was no mistake in His plan.
He has a song wrote for you to sing.

You’re all a part of God’s great plan.
He just wants you to see
That if you place your life into His hands,
You’ll truly be set free.

Verse 2:

For He knows your heart and He knows where you’re weak
And He knew before He even made you.
So He knows how to cure all the pain in your heart
And His grace will fall down on you too!

The string section in this song is cool. I like my guitar playing pretty good as well, but that doesn't mean it's good. :P

And all guitars and vocals are by me, Ben. Cheese! :)




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Date: 7/29/09
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