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Moving Oh, here we go, Moving again! Boxes and tape, Paper cuts and MEN! Oh Help me please, help me, They just dont understand! Im constantly running, Answering every demand! Oh, my finger, poor finger, I SCREAM, Band-aid PLEASE!. Its an itty bitty little cut, It should be such a breeze. Ohhh.., (Moaning and Groaning), But, Im moving, thats good! Youd think things would be worse! And, they really could. Then, I remember, the Man-Flu, Oh Me, Oh My! Ive had that one all week, Oh, I think Ill just cry!. When it starts to rain, It really does pour! So much packing and cleaning, No wonder Im soar! Now Ive only got, one more day to be out. Hurry, hurry, rush, rush, Is THAT what its about?! So as I hurry about, Packing faster , even now. There goes that Man-Flu! Please, just dont have a COW! Oh, YES, I can say, Finally I am DONE! But, is this where I stand? Havent I yet won? Now in the new home, Boxes scattered everywhere. My goodness, I smell, And, theres rubbage in my hair! Well, at least one thing I know, When Im done with this wreck, Ill have time for a shower, Maybe some Ice cream, wait a SEC!! All of the sudden, theres a sniffle, then a sneeze. What ELSE can go wrong? Suddenly I felt myself wheeze. As if that werent enough, My muscles pain and start to ache. Skin so pale, sweaty hot, Not much more can keep me awake. Oh no not now, Oh, what will I do? Was it not enough? That already, I went through the Man-Flu?! Ok, now I must listen, to my bodys demands. I best not ignore, for, it rarely commands! As I forced my eyes open, To what I thought was the next day. Its Wednesday, NOT Monday! Things were getting weird that way. I slowly and carefully, stumbled my way out of bed. Oh, my tummy was growling, and, there were pains in my head. With my sweats put on backwards, And my shirt inside out! I walked down the stairs, And then, I started to pout! For there, right before me, Was somethn of a craze! Empty boxes, dirty dishes, to much more would take me days! As I realized how much my family, had really tried to help. I began with a giggle, And laughed with a yelp! Ya know, with my new home, So cluttered and tossed around. Theres one thing I knew, Theres a love here thats so sound! So, as I regained my strength, and, started to clean everything. I knew deep in my heart, What forever would surely bring! RebeccaJeanine ¬ Copyright 2008 RebeccaJeanine71 (UN: rebeccajeanine at Writing.Com). All rights reserved. RebeccaJeanine71 has granted Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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Here's another poem based on someone I met on My Space. She is a very sweet young lady, living on the other side of the World! One thing I always thought was so adorable about her was how she wrote to me in her emails...you could almost HEAR her cute London accent in her style of writing!!! Anyway, we were conversing back and forth for quite some time, and one of the things she was talkn' about was the fact that she was so excited because she had found the rental home of her DREAMS!!! Sadly, she contracted the common cold or flu, while in the process of moving, and she would come to My Space to vent about the pros and cons of moving while sick!!! So, I decided to write her a poem, turning her venting into a comical poem :)!!! Enjoy!!!!




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Date: 7/29/09
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