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My Father's Birtday Poem


HAPPY BIRTHDAY FATHER!!! They say its your Birthday, Do they know who you are? For to me you are my Father, Youre the BEST near and far! You would climb ANY Mountain, Or swim any sea! If one of your children needed you, Thats RIGHT where youd be! So on this day, your Birthday, Before those candles go out, That wish you wish, WILL come true I KNOW there is NO doubt! And, I want you to always know this, That everything youve done for me, Will always be remembered, Thats the way it will always be! So, as I wish you a Happy Birthday, Please relax and enjoy your time. For age IS only a number, Enjoying those years is NO CRIME!!! RebeccaJeanine ¬ Copyright 2008 RebeccaJeanine71 (UN: rebeccajeanine at Writing.Com). All rights reserved. RebeccaJeanine71 has granted Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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Here's a Birthday poem I wrote for my Father. I'm not rich, I couldn't even afford a card at the time (him living in MI and I in CA), I wanted to give him something special, from the heart...here it is!!! :)


3/9/2010 10:54 AM Premium
Awesome work! Be sure to upload some more content.



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