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Home Owners Association


MY Home Owner's Assoc. COMPLAINT FORM!!!! Oh, why do so many people, Turn life into a game? What did our children do? To deserve such attention and blame? Home Owners Association, What on Earth is with that label? No sooner than they have it, everyone else is SO un-stable! And, who said they could play God, Making every single decision? Specially with our little ones, Who play with so much vision! No skateboards, bikes or balls! Please, no WHERE, no WAY, no HOW, Whats next, no KIDS allowed? They HAVE to be crazy, WOW! So, why is it when, They want to dig in the dirt, Some ol grumpy person, With words, wants them to hurt? Where do they get off? Saying what EVER they want to say? What makes them WANT to tick? When kids only want to go PLAY? Why cant people just leave? All the nit pickn alone?- How do kids get to be children? With all the crap these people have thrown? So, the MORAL of my rhyme Is, theres really no future at all For us adults in this world If we don't start helping our Children feel TALL! So, when you go to bed at night, And say your bedtime prayers, Please pray for these ol people, To peel away those awful layers!!! RebeccaJeanine

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It's tough sometimes, when rules that don't make sense are placed in rental agreements and at home owner's associations :(. Imagine having 4 kids, two under the age of 14, who can't where their roller skates or inline skates, ride their bikes, scooters or skateboards in the area where you live...to me, that's AGE Discrimination!!! What's the USE of letting Children be Children if there's rules preventing them from being one??!!!
Anyway, here's a poem I wrote inspired by my own issues w/ these types of rules, and for those of you out there experiencing the same issues :(!!! Enjoy!!


2/8/2010 10:16 AM
The world has changed so. Its all about the liability. We live in the country & this drunk on a ATV nearly hit our son & almost killed our neighbors dog. Begged us not to call the CHP. Later sued for 10K & won cuz the dog was off his leash!

8/15/2009 10:12 AM
I love this rhyme. Famed and favorited. I have 4 children 5 and under. Thank goodness for my privacy fence. They dig in the ground and climb the tree all the time. I lived in and apartment complex that didn't allow any of that.



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Date: 7/30/09
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