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Tale of The Lost Dutchman's Mine

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Music: Count Von Shadow
Lyrics: Linda Vee/Von Shadow

This is a song about the search for the Lost Dutchman's mine in the Superstition Mountains in the Apache Junction area of Arizona.
People who go in search of the hidden cache of gold usually mysteriously disappear and it is thought that the ghost of the Dutchman is responsible....

Howls shatter the night

You better beware

Don't think about it

It's too late to care

You tread on his mountain

You've tread on your grave

Try to steal his treasure

He'll put you away


Huddled by a camp fire

A sky of icy stars

Praying for an answer

To who you really are

A feral voice

fills the desert air

Melting greed and passion

That first drove you there

Oh can you hear

Hear him calling

Heart blazing fear

It's close to midnight

How come I feel

Feel like I'm falling

Oh can you hear the Dutchman calling


Some people claim

It's a silly old tale

But the lust for gold

Has always prevailed

If you seek his treasure

In the Superstitions at night

You WILL hear him calling

So run for your life.

Many people tried

All of them failed

To unlock his secret

It sent them to hell

You feel his breath

On the back of your neck

The clock strikes midnight

The time of your death



8/31/2011 2:16 PM
This is so cool. I haven't been there but I've read about the legend and ghosts stories and can imagine the stars in the desert night! Nice

1/18/2011 3:16 PM
I wrote them originally, but Linda really cleaned them up for me so they made more sense

7/15/2010 8:32 PM
excellent wording!



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Date: 7/31/09
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