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Duf & Ka (love song I wrote on piano)

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This is a song I wrote around the year 2007 or 2008. Probably 2007. It's a very pretty love song! I started one day playing the bass part at the beginning and went on writing the song from there!

This song is for my comic characters, Duf Duferson and Ka Lee Greene! I one day realized by the way they look and the way they both acted that they would make a great couple... and possibly husband and wife later on.

Duf is from the comic created by me and my cousin Larry Wade called Doov, Dube, and Duf (very goofy/silly/stupid/funny comic). He is the mean one of the group, like Moe is in the 3 stooges. He believes he is a lady's man, but he can't get a single girlfriend (until Ka).... kinda like Johnny Bravo.

Ka Greene is a character my friend from childhood created actually. Her name was Kayla Brown and she created a comic called Ka, Kay, and Kayla, having Kayla as herself. She didn't continue with it or anything (because drawing comics wasn't exactly her hobby). A few years later after she was moved away and all, I re-made Ka, Kay, and Kayla into a comic teaching things about growing up... not much of a change though. Ka and Kay are still the same as Kayla Brown's original characters, but I changed Kayla to be a sister of Ka and Kay, and not to be Kayla Brown. So getting back to Ka... she is the mean sister of the 3... like Duf is. Ka actually can get a boyfriend... 1 every week or every other week to be exact! She just can't get passed the first date without getting mad and causing the boy to break up with her. This has become normal to her, and she's sick and tired of it!

Both sides of the story are not great! Both are longing to find someone who will accept them for who they are. But Duf and Ka eventually cross paths and realize they would make a good couple! Ka gets mad during their first date and becomes afraid that Duf won't like it and he will want to break up, but Duf doesn't mind. Besides, that's what Duf does as well. Great love story. :P

Yea, kind of lovey dovey, but hey! It's a neat song still. :)




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Date: 8/1/09
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