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Purgatory Waking out of a reverie, I was somewhere else. Looking up, all I saw was books on a shelf. Searching within the depths of my soul. I was in the snares of some kind of library of limbo. Unanswered questions were going through my pate. Why was I here? Is this my eternal fate? Hastily, I picked life over death. The volume was heavy as I heaved a breath. I opened the book and stared in astonishment. All the things I did or said were now in judgment. I closed the volume and started to cry. On my hands and knees I began to ask why. The volume Sin fell open in front of me. I opened up the book and read it ghastly. The contents, were a sinners logbook~ In my tremulous soul, I knew; I also partook. Feeling laden with a soul full of torment. I put the book back up, next to Repent. My soul seemed to be longing and searching.. I picked up that volume and began reading. Tears over spilled as I realized and started to pray. That all my sins I've committed were already paid. I bowed my head, Lord, I have sinned; forgive me. I accept you in my life I repeated ardently. Picking up the next book Saved I opened fast! I read You've accepted Christ the Savior, your saved alas! Volume Heaven fell in my lap, the card was not pass due. I opened it up and read My child, Heaven awaits you. I woke up dizzily, out of the library of limbo~ Feeling rest assured knowing Heaven is where I'll go.

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Date: 8/4/09
Other: Writing