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The Grim Cry


The Grim Cry Another day, owns a death. As the Grim Reaper leaves no breath. With one fell swoop of his sickle. Not sealing fates, hes only neutral. This night he personified as a man. Using his scythe, he took a pitchman. He knew him of good deeds, yet twisted by lies. Dishonored fibs, brought on; by his own demise. The sun comes up, the Reaper never sleeps. With one fell swoop, another death repeats. A truthful woman worked her way up to CEO~ The cloaked skeleton came, it was her time to go. An innocent young child, sickly. The Reaper appeared, leaving the family feeling bleakly. The Grim Reaper, took his wife of sixty years. Leaving her husband feeling somber, mixed with tears. A plane crashes, many people suddenly die. The Grim Reapers death list, that hour; was very high. The Grim Reaper appears in that final moment~ But, does not make the final judgment. A suicide bomber, is set to detonate. The Reaper was there and knew the date. The world grows worse, the death toll isn't through. The Grim Reaper....just this once.........sat and cried too.

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The Grim Cry


12/28/2009 6:23 PM Premium
Awesome Stuff! You should try bidding for a spot on the Wall of Fame.



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Date: 8/4/09
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