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This is a recent recording of my song, Free. Though I never really wanted to sing when I felt like God was calling me to in the first place, I feel like God is forming me and my voice to be what He wants it to be!!!! Though it may not be quiet professional, it is gradually improving. I'm VERY proud of the way this song turned out! And yes, I know being a singer doesn't actually mean to have a good voice, no it doesn't if you think so! Having a good voice shouldn't be my main goal as a singer, I need to aim to sing my songs from my heart and remember that God does not listen to the voice, but he hears from the heart inside out! There's this comic artist I met named Larry Swearingen who is working with me on one of my Christian comics and there's a thing he says on his site that I love! He says, "Art from the start. We invite anyone and everyone who draw stick figures to Picaso's or write a jumble or a Frost to jump in and show your work. This should be an artistic media site and we like to profile anyone we can . Remember art isnt about being good its about expression..SO EXPRESS YOURSELF" That's SO true!

This is about the third Christian song I've written in my life, and is the first song I sang in front of a large crowd... (my church)! I wrote it with my keyboard. I originally wrote it for my cartoon band, The Doovie Brothers, but it is my song... as all The Doovie Brothers' songs are mine as well... since they are my creation! ...and also, all my songs are God's, since I'm His creation. :P

This song is in the perspective of a lost person being haunted by their sinful past and later finds freedom from it through salvation of Jesus Christ!

Verse 1:
I've been looking for a way out
From this pain that I've caused
In myself! I can't take it anymore!
Is there anything that can free my soul?
'Cause all I need right now is love!

Verse 2:
I have heard about this Jesus
How He freed everyone!
So I thought, "Why don't I try getting saved?"
Then I realized this is all I need
To be with You and forget about my past!

I'm free, free from my shame
Free from my pain, yes I'm free!
I'm free, free from my chame
I'm free from my pain! Thank you Lord!

Verse 3/Bridge:
And I now know this is all I need,
The Lord of lords and King of kings!
My Savior!




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Date: 8/4/09
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