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This is a song I wrote for a comic I created with my friend, Nathaniel Smith, called Star-Ben! Yes, this is Ben as in me, Ben Mullins. Me and Nathaniel loved to draw ourselves in our comics doing cool stuff! :P This comic was inspired by the coolest game of all, Star-Fox! :) There's a team of about 4 pilots who fly around and save planets from distruction and things! I, Ben Mullins, am the leader of the team, Nathaniel is the ace pilot, Kay Greene is the navigator, and Duf Duferson is the mechanic. Our evil arch enemy is Kay's sister, Ka! It's a really cool comic, and this is a really cool song. :) Imagine something like Star-Fox. If you don't know what Star-Fox is, imagine something with 4 small space ships flying around in cool formations and shooting at enemies and things like that. :P




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Date: 8/4/09
Music: Other