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Painfilled memories


As I looked out into London Square I couldnt help but think about my wife, may she rest in peace, and the last memory I had of my children before the tragedy came that took their mother away from them so young. Flashback- I was following alleged witches around town seeing if they were what they were convicted of being. I was about to confront them when I heard my name being called. Mr. Neilson, Mr. Neilson. I turned to see our cook running toward me. I met her halfway. Cathleen, what is it? Whats wrong? I asked. She said nothing just grabbed my hand and slipped something smooth into my palm, and closed my fingers around it. She then turned around and ran the opposite way she was supposed to go to get back to the house. I watched her til she was out of site then opened my fingers only to close them around the pendant in my hand. The pendant my daughter never took off her neck. So if the cook had this it could only mean one thing. Something is wrong very wrong. I ran toward the doctor house and once he was by my side we started running towards my house. When my house came into view I saw the front door off its hinges and pushed harder, leaving the doctor trailing behind me. We went through the whole house, checking every body we came across and found them all to be dead. When we got to the parlor. I automatically ran to my children who were lying on the floor holding each other, their breathing shallow. After the doctor checked them over we moved them to my daughters room, where they would stay until they were fully healed.

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a man reflects on the events that killed his wife and very nearly killed his son and daughter


1/1/2010 1:43 PM Premium
Great Stuff! Try to get more votes!

8/7/2009 8:46 PM
Awesomeness :)!!! Are you going to turn this into a book? That would make one wonderful read!!! :) Keep on keeping on!!! FAMED :)



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Date: 8/7/09
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