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The Attack

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He genre is more like "Soundtrack," rather than Classical!"

This is a song I wrote for a comic created by me and my friend Nathaniel smith during our childhood years, Star-Ben! Star-Ben (like I've said in the description of the Star-Ben Theme) is a comic inspired by the coolest game ever made, Star-Fox!!!!! Star-Ben is a team of 4 skilled pilots who fly around anywhere in outer space and save planets from being destroyed and things in that area. Basically who ever needs help and calls on them to help, Star-Ben will lend a helping hand. :) Here's a description of the song I wrote when I first wrote this song in 2007...

"About the Music: At the beginning of the song, Star-Ben explore the outer worlds to see what space has to give them. Mysterious and dark at first, Ben and his team have no clue what's in store for them. THEN, out of the darkness, Ben's arch nemisis, Ka, jumps out of nowhere and totally knocks Ben and his team off course! (minute 0:36) Being the enemy, Ka is also the evil sister of one of the Star-Ben team members, Kay (or aka DeeDee). They fight and fight against each other, fly around, and do whatever they can do to take each other out! Ka, chasing her sister, is then heroically pursued by Ben and Duf (at minute 1:14 with the heroic brass), running her off. Knowing she's not dead, the Star-Ben team continue on the journey, also knowing they could be attacked by the evil Ka at any moment in time."




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Date: 8/8/09
Music: Classical