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Space Wonderer



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He genre is more like "Soundtrack," rather than Classical!"

This is a really pretty song I wrote for an orchestra type group... or a soundtrack band would be a better name. :)

I wrote it during my senior year in 2007 (like all the Star-Ben songs)! This is written also for my comic (like the Star-Ben Theme is), Star-Ben, which is a comic I haven't worked on or even touched in forever! For your information, this comic was inspired by the coolest game ever, Star-Fox... specifically Star-Fox 64. The solo at the beginning with the crappy sounding MIDI French Horn was originally a French Horn solo, but it goes a bit high for a French Horn at the end of the solo... so I just made it a Fluggel Horn solo... unless you French Horn players think it would be good or better as a French Horn solo... the highest note is a B-flat, or a concert E-Flat. :) And the trumpet part at the end (after the flute duet) sounds a bit jumbled up and a bit messy, but that's because the trombones are playing high chords that blend in with the trumpets... Horns are too. And the trumpet part there was actualy a trumpet duet, but it doesn't sound like it. I think it would sound best as a trumpet duet, instead of the whole trumpet section playing it. :)

I like the sound of a French Horn wailing, and I wrote this in the music twice on this song! (on minute 0:10 and 1:23) I used to do that a lot on my French Horn when I was borrowing one. I'm personally a trumpet player at heart, but I believe the French Horn is one of the most beautiful sounding instruments of all the intrument family... not to mention the toughest instrument to play as well. MAN! That thing's a hard horn to play!!!!!

This song is about who the Star-Ben team are. They're this team of skilled pilots who fly in a big base like ship and just wonder around. Outer space is huge and is a pretty sight! It's a huge wonder and just... wow! I think this song explains the sound of what I think Outer Space is! I seriously need to write this out onto music paper and try sending in to some band or something and see if they will take it. :) Here's some of the note I wrote about the song back in 2007... :)

"About the Music: As a star ranger enforcing the evil in space, Ben, along with Kay, Duf, and Doov, realize the quietness of space and see that outer space is a wonderous place, never ending. An unlimited place where there are no ends whatsoever. Yet, dangerous at times, but a place full of wonder and beauty!"

Wow, I was such cool with words back in 2007. :P

-Ben M

PS - The section at minute 1:27 really gets me! Such a pretty sounding section of the song! It's all loud and all, and then this soft quiet pretty section comes in and turns the mood all around... I'm just talking in a musician's point of view. :P Just enjoy the song, you don't have to listen to me. :P




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Date: 8/8/09
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