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Peace Amidst Pain


Peace Amidst Pain She sat there; restless Her mind was whirling as fast As a summers breeze. A strand of hair fell across the apple Of her cheek. Her naked feet were cushioned by The fine white sand. As she walked over to the seashore, Her hazel eyes began to swell With tears. But, she fought them. She had always been the strong one. But, no one ever saw past Her porcelain fatade. Except, for Him. Her eyes locked on something. It was an image, floating on the waves of the crisp, blue sea. Familiarity beckoned her, But recognition was far from her grasp. Sickly, wide eyed, and frightened Were words that came to mind. Words that were not to fit The Jigsaw puzzle of her life. The tide was high, And the moon was low. There was a soft breeze that Ran through her auburn hair And caressed her dry, cracky skin. The ache in her heart seemed To resonate through her whole being. Pain, so overwhelming It pushed her to her knees. A hot tear drop escaped From her tear duct, Trickled down the side Of her crooked nose And came to rest On her lower lip. A gush of unrestrained tears, Dissipated Her nose was running She could not fight it, She was breaking. Placing her right hand On her abdomen, She looked up at the pale blue sky And let out an agonizing scream. A scream so fierce, The earth seemed to tremble In its wake. Her body was not accustomed To such spasms of emotion. Tremors shot through her, Her heart began to pulsate. She was losing control. Yet, in the midst of her helplessness, She was enshrouded by peace. Tranquility of articulation. She knew He was watching, So she let him take over. She sat there, no longer restless Her eyes were smiling. Worry was a feeling she would No longer have to endure. Hed take care for her, Just like a Father would. This felt different. supposed outside the limits

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Poem about a woman who is in finds peace in the midst of her hopelessness. Hope you enjoy it:)


12/22/2009 1:43 PM Premium
Great Stuff! Have you considered bidding for a spot on the Wall of Fame?

8/10/2009 10:57 AM
Thank you for reading! I really appreciate it:)

8/10/2009 9:57 AM
Very nice !I did enjoy reading it.



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Date: 8/9/09
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