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Oh the Little Ones Lost


Oh the Little Ones Lost The Little ones lost Just wanted some love. But instead of kindness, They got a slap and a shove. Those little ones lost, What could they have gained. Nothing but hate added with pain A life to start in despair. From the ones who should've Given them tender care. The Little ones Lost, Can do nothing but cry. For they entered the world Not knowing why. With sadness and fear, Will their tears ever dry? The little ones Lost, Who no longer feel pain. For they are with God, Not to suffer again. So Remember in time, The Little Ones Lost. Stop it before A Life is the Cost. This writing is dedicated to babies and children who lost their lives from abuse. Michelle Witt 2009

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I wrote this after reading a newspaper article that broke my heart. It was about children who lost their lives due to abuse. The youngest was only 5 days old.


8/14/2009 4:49 PM
Thank you. I tried to get to tug at the emotions.

8/13/2009 11:28 PM
I Love your passion. This is a very powerful poem! Famed!!



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Date: 8/11/09
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