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Dark Eyes


As Yumi walked towards the wooden decaying door, she couldn't help but look around in the darkness as uneasiness set into her skin and mind. Opening the creaking door, she peered into the pitch darkness and felt more uneasy. "Hello?" She called into the room, but no one answered her. Stepping into the semi-dark room, a screech came out making her scream. Looking around she saw an alarm clock that was screeching out a heavy metal band that she couldn't put a name to. Walking over to the clock, she turned it off leaving a ringing noise in her ears. Looking at the moon filled window, she saw little raindrops hit the window pane causing the noise. Sighing in relief, she continued her voyage into the room. Whipping around, Yumi saw the dark, thick curtains fly by the window flooding the room with complete darkness of hell. "Hello....?" Screaming ripped through Yumi's vocal chords as she felt hot pain slice through her body. Hitting the ground with a giant slam, she placed her hand on her stomach, and felt a warm liquid on her hand. Gagging, Yumi turned her head towards the ground and vomited out of the touch of the blood. Looking around she heard sounds. Tak. Darkness filled Yumi's mind as her head hit the ground, and her vision blurred like she could see anything anyway. As numbness filled her body, she looked around then fell asleep forever. Tap. Tap. Tap.Screech!Tak. Tak. Tak.Tak. Tak. Bam!

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A short story I wrote for a friend.


2/22/2010 2:39 PM Premium
I just came across your media. Great Work! You should try bidding for a spot on the Wall of Fame.



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Date: 8/13/09
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