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The Map of My Life (newer key)

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This is a song I wrote inspired by Third Day's song, Revelation! I've felt like God was calling me to be a Christian singer and songwriter, but I couldn't believe it because I know my voice isn't at all that great, but since I believe God's ways are higher than mine, I try to sing and write songs!

Life is like a road! What is a map? A map allows us to see where we need to go to get somewhere, some may show you where dead ends or obstacles are! God has the map of our lives and can see what is on each path we can chose to take! We don't have the map, therefore we can't see where the paths lead to until we get there. The paths that divide are like the choices we can make! Each choice leads to somewhere. God knows what is up ahead on each path you chose to take, and He knows which path is best! We need to ask Him which path we need to take. We can either take His advice, or we can not listen to Him and go our own way! We will soon find ourselves at a dead end or in a situation that we don't want to be in! We need God's help to lead us out and bring us back to where He wants us to be! I wrote this song because I felt like God was calling me to sing. I necessarily didn't want to take this path, but I'm trying and I will see what is in store for this path!

I wrote the lyrics and music, as well as played all the acoustic and electric guitars and sang the vocals. :) I played very little on brass instruments as well. :)


3/18/2010 8:06 AM Premium
Great Stuff! Have you considered bidding for a spot on the Wall of Fame?



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