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Big Core 3 over Hades 05 05

Big, Core, 3, over, Hades

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I worked a great deal with fire and lava effects in this piece of media. I also used a very unique texture for the lava glass. Raytrace played a major role in that aspect of the work. I made use of atmosphere apparatus to give the heatwave emission effect. Combustion played a major role in the exploding lava effect and I used architectural reflection and luminosity to refract and reflect the environment as well as the lava glass. All in all it is an
exciting piece of media. I added lens effects and lasers blasting their way through one of the glass lava rocks to add a sense of action to the piece as a whole. All of the work was done using 3D Studio Max.


8/23/2009 9:08 PM
Your work is fascinating! I love the colors in this one!

8/21/2009 3:08 PM
way cool...famed



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Date: 8/16/09
Art: Graphic Design