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The Jedi Pimp

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Rap rock star wars spoof

"The JEDi PiMP"-Cold laser pressed against my head and I'm jumpin like a suicide-Light saber in my hand, I'm a muhtha f^#kin Jedi-(Luke, I am yo fahtha)-Kill darth Vader he's a muhtha f^#kin talker-(the Darksides got game)-I'll f^#k you up and make you scream like Chewbacca-Not just a Jedi, I'm a muhtha f^#kin playah-I'm even getting puhssy from Princess Lea-But I mostly just let her suck my c^#k-cuz she got puhssy as hairy as an Ewok
but when I hit it, she's screamin in dolby
cuz you know I'm swingin like Obi Wan Kanobi-and I don't give a f^#k if you think I went too far-I got balls as big as The Death Star-(Chorus)-Death Star, in a galaxy far far away-Death Star, f^#k with me and it's bombs away-Death funk metal, and you're under attack-I'm a funkin Empire muhtha-funkin strike back-I'm a cyber pimp muhtha fukah without a glitch-but be careful when yo f^#kn wit a Sith bitch-She got a huge rack-and a nice phat back-but I bet she f^#k Jabba for a hit of space crack-and you bettah-watchout cuz you're gonna get scortched-using a-spaceship as a "blowtorch"-a paranoid bitch with a sword and a gun-I don't really recommend it but I really think it's fun-with a side of a little wookie nookie-and speaking of hairy pookie, ahhh suki suki-(Chorus) repeat-Now I got galactic bitches making more than quota-who can even get a rise outta Yoda-but if you can't and you need a quick fix-I got interchangeable prosthetic dicks-at 8 double-o f^#k 6-6-6-in the black hoe with the galaxy's hottest picks-ask for the Jedi known as the space pimp-with a saber for a cane, walkin w/ a mofo pimp limp




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Votes: 6
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Date: 1/4/08
Music: Alternative