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reaching out

135919.txtScornful looksdistant staresjust becauseof my long hairPersecuted I dont fit the moldand dont follow the herdLove has become a dirty wordI almost cut it offjust the other daycuzI was getting tired of what the sheeple sayCame to my sensesandlooked aroundcommunities behind fencesgatedin every city in every townJust wanna livebe left alonescornful lookschilled to the boneshaved headsmindless dronesghetto speechand political dronesso sadfew free thinkersthe young ones conditionedto point fingersWas in the store the otherdayyou should have heardwhat those sheeple saywhat a looserlook at that longhaired freakbut what those sheeple dont knowistheir future isquite bleakDoesnt matterwhat I doorwho I amDoesnt matter if I fought for freedom in vietnamPage 1135919.txtthey dont smile ,waveor say goodbyThese mindless sheeple Hurt feelings makin me cryGood is badandbad is goodno ones doinwhat they shouldIt's a freak paradethe ones with no ballsGirls play with gunsboys play with dollsPlease listentry to understandI love God and countryI'm just a simple manI love peopleones that help brother and fellow manI loathe sheepleandThe ones that suck up to the manReachin outtouchin brothers and sistersdoin what I can2009 aug 17 HC HolbertPage 2

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An original write by HC Holbert




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Date: 8/18/09
Other: Writing