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distress signals

135920.txtDistress signalsChildrens future Stolen There wasnt a fussTheir getting reday to put youon that new FEMA busFema Camps are fully mannedpatriots are bannedred blue and yellow listare you getting the gistTheir needles are readyKeep your trigger finger steadydont let'em stick youwith h1n1 fluDistress signalsFlag upside downDistress signalsin every townDistress signalsbetter wake upDistress signalshave you had enoughWe sawPolice taseringandSlamming the elderlydown to the groundTyranny controlhas become their crownI've had enoughhave you had enough toDistress signals for the red white and blueDont need any heroscourage is what we needto stand up for our nationand fight againstLuciferian greedBrothers and sistersstand up beforeit's to latebecause if you dontslavery will be your fateDistress signalsflag upside downPage 1135920.txtDistress signalsin every townDistress signalsyou better wake upDistress signalshave you had enoughOur forefathers fought and diedliberty and freedomwas their guideAlmighty Godwas by their sideTo many ismsI cant relateto many hours of meaningless debatered flag snitchis what they ask you to doall them that stand upfor the red white and blueDistress signalsDistress signalsWhat are they really afteror is it all a ruseAre they comming after meAre they comming after youWe alljust wanna liveK sa rah K sa rahIn a free nationHoorah HoorahDistress signalsPage 2

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An original write by HC Holbert songwriter/poet/artist




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Date: 8/18/09
Other: Writing