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Michelle (The Doovie Brothers lovesong)

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This is a love song I wrote for The Doovie Brothers. The Doovie Brothers (for those who don't know) are a cartoon band I created and made up, in which I write all their songs and voice act (as well as sing and play instruments) as all of these Doovie Brothers! A lot of times, I says that these guys songs are written by their lead singer or something (like this one is written by Phil Marshall and Mack McDonald), but I am the writer of the music! No stealing copyright here, I'm just being creative. :P

And no, I DO NOT have a wife named Michelle... in fact, I have no wife at all! :P Michelle is the wife of Mack McDonald, the guitarist of the Doovie Brothers! He is a new husband to his new wife, Michelle McDonald! They are much in love, and Mack wanted to show his love through music (no better way)! He is actually not a singer of The Doovie Brothers, so I tried to not sound too good with the vocals! I just figured it would be real neat and "romantic" to have him sing his song to his wife (with Phil and Doov singing backup to him). The left speaker is Mack on guitar, and he is the one playing the lead melodies on guitar. When I recorded myself as Mack on guitar, I played with my fingers (as Esteban has taught me on his DVD's), and for Toby on the right speaker, I played with a pick. Esteban is a BIG influence on me, so this song kind of shows that with my finger guitar playing... sort of! :P

I really like this song! And about the fart at the beginning, that's just The Doovie Brothers for you! Ignore that if you wish. :P

Michelle, you're the love of my life!
You make everyday much more liveable to me!
Michelle, I can't find a better wife!
You're the only one that is suitable for me!




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Date: 8/18/09
Music: Rock