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A Picture Book...The Fly, The Ant, and The Spider!

Once upon a time, there lived a little jumping spider, an ant, and a fly. One day, the fly was out and about flying, just after he had broken free of the horrible slimy skin of a maggot! He was SO happy to find that now he didn't have to slither around on his belly to find food....he was able to take off in a flash of a second, in a hunt for the BEST pile of....well...I think you can use your own imagination, LoL! There it was, the BIGGEST pile of...POO...he'd ever seen!!! He SWOOPED down as quickly as his newly found wings could take him, landing on the cement only inches away from that delightful stench! He was so excited in anticipation of his first 'flied' after supper, that he hadn't noticed something lurking around in the shadows!!! One day, the spider woke from a long nap, stomach growling away. he decided it was time for him to find his first victim of the morning light. He found him a nice little hiding place in the crack of the cement, just a few feet away from his web embedded in a bush. As he sat calmly and patiently awaiting that breakfast he imagined to be nice and meaty n' juicy, he noticed something in the distance buzzing away excitably! "My my my...looks like yet another stupid fly whom has JUST discovered the luxuries of having wings", he chuckled to himself! "I'll be he'll land right over there by that pile of POO in no time at all...3...2...1!!!" SURE enough the new fly had landed right near the pile of poo, and so had the spider, right on TOP of the fly!!! The spider readily had his built-in syringe of a bite implanted into the flys shiny flesh, paralyzing the fly almost immediately. The fly didnt even have a chance to struggle, laying beneath the spiders claw like grasp. Soon, when the spider felt his poison had taken effect as well as it was going to, he grabbed hold even tighter, and began to drag the lifeless body of the fly. Back into that crack in the cement the spider headed, to sit and rest. He knew he could only rest for a moment, as he had to begin his next step of spitting out his silken thread, incasing the fly in a cocoon type blanket. This was a technique the spider had learned the first time he made the mistake of resting to long, resulting in his dinner flying away almost as quick as hed caught it! One day a little ant had fallen of his trail of brothers, and due to his own curious dismay, found himself to be quite alone, lost and hungry. Soon, his lack of energy from the long hike took over him, but not to soon to notice possible dinner just a bit ahead of him. A FLY!!! He had seen what looked like the wing of a fly, scarcely peeping over the edge of a crack in the cement. The little ant took of as FAST as his tiny little legs would carry him, JUST in time to see the biggest jumping spider off in the distance napping! Luckily, at a young age, the ant had learned that a single guy his size could carry food weighing 100 times his size, making him feel like SUPERMAN!!! Needless to say, the ant grabbed hold of the flys wing, and dragged him as far away from the spider as he possibly could, before almost passing out from hunger and exhaustion. This poor little fly, he had been through way to much!!! First hes discovering his wings then hes BEEN discovered by a spider, and NOW a ant?! Oh, WHAT to do, what to DO!!! The ant began to walk around the fly, and then on the fly hed never HAD a WHOLE fly just to himself before!!! He had to figure out WHERE to start chomping!!! Hmmm, he thought to himself as he walked around, I could start here, at the rear-end, but I dont know it might be a bit hard to bit into all by myself He then jumped onto the flys back for another look, Well, he thought again, maybe I should start with his wings. It is usually eaten as a appetizer back home but, I dont knowI am to vanished for a mere appetizer. As the ant walked and thought, walked a bit more, and thought a bit moresomething began to tremble beneath his tiny feet. EEEEEEK the ant let out a yelp! OH, a EARTH QUAKE!!!hed never actually FELT an earth quake, but being he lived in northern California, he knew how possible they were! Before the ant could think to jump OFF the fly, he realized that he was no longer close enough to the cement to jump down. Thats when he realized through all of his thoughts and taking his time to decide where he would take is first delicious bite, the fly had somehow come back to life and took flight. Needless to say, neither the ant, nor the spider were able to gobble down that feast which they had BOTH dreamed of! The fly learned a HUGE lesson that morning, and in the process was able to enjoy the rest of the day somewhere where he found an even BIGGER piece of pooafter scanning the area for predators! Sadly, the lonely little ant had fallen all the way down from the back of the fly, straight into that little crack in the cement, and right into the clutches of the hungry spider whom had just awoke from resting up for din din!!! Andthe FLYwellhe lived Happily Ever AFTER, but after THAT he diedas flies only live a few days :(. The END

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I had this collection of fly pictures that I had taken a while back, and when I origanolly had downloaded them to my computer to view them, I realized they told a reallll kewl story!!! I had planned on turning them into a story, just wasn't quit sure HOW!!! Well...yet another BRILLIANT idea...my first writing contest idea!!! Let's just hope some of you guys get your creative brains a'going and a'churning so we can have some competitors!!! :)




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