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"Light Fantastic"

Painting with Light!

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Painting with Light!


8/28/2009 5:53 AM
...pad move around in the lcd screen of my phone...it made a KEWL pattern! SO, I took my chances and moved my phone around again..snapped a shot...and OMG..I was so amazed (LOL..HOW to keep a BLOND busy!!!)..anyway, I began a series after!

8/28/2009 5:51 AM
I gotta post a few more of m' though...it's funny how I thought of it lol...one night, as I was going through my cell phone, I accidently turned on the camera...and as I moved my phone around, I noticed the blue ion light from my drawing...

8/28/2009 5:49 AM
OMG....HOW did you DO this Janice??!!!! THIS is AWESOME!!! :) I have a few different light shots...what I did was I just moved my cell camera around a light (in the dark)...and snapped the shot...I think I MIGHT have one posted...



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Date: 8/27/09
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