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Facebook Rap - San-Tick

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This is from a dumb recording I made with me and my "voice acting," and yea, it's all me. :P I'm VERY stupid and I like to be stupid when I'm home alone. :P

Most people love Santa Claus and think that The Tick is the coolest super hero, but me and my sister like to make fun of them. These are some of the character we make fun of a lot: Santa Claus, The Tick, Ronald McDonald, Shrek, and Woody... these are the ones singing on this recording, which it's actually me! :P I'm acting like them. :P I know it's not good, but stupid.

This recording starts out with Santa talking to Ronald McDonald on the phone on the San-Tick show. Tick is the one with the annoying scratchy voice... he says his name is Tick. Shrek is the one with the monstrous voice on the left... says "Shrek Time." Woody is my favorite because he sounds like a real rapper. :P ...to me, he does... and I hate rap.

And yes, I made up everything as I was recording myself... nothing was written, I just made it up... wingin it. :P

Song lyrics (from the point the drums play):
Shrek: Shrek time, Sh-Sh-Sh- Shrek time...
Santa: Heh! Heh! Heh... I'm gonna pass out.
Ronald McDonald: I'm Ronald McDonald. :P
Tick: Yea! Put yo hands up! Now, give it up for Santa the MAn! Take it away Santa!

Verse 1:
Santa: Well yesterday, I got a friend request from my best friend
And he goes by the name of Ben.
My name Santa, and he didn't know it,
And he sent me a friend request because now he knows it.
Tick: -You're a really bad rapper!-
Tick goes and looks at everybody's profiles.
And then he, he sends them messages and then,
He, he talks to them all the time.

All: Facebook is the most wonderful website in the world!
Facebook, no one else can beat it!
I get on facbook, cuz it's fun! It's fun to talk to people everyday.
Cuz it's fun and it's really cool,
And then people look and see how cool I am with my picture.
Santa: That's... uh... big mouthful there.

Verse 2:
Ronald McDonald: I sit in my work office, and I'm wondering what to do
Cuz I don't know what to do when I'm workin, even thought I should be workin.
But instead, I get on facebook and talk to my friends and everything
Cuz it's fun and better than my job, and then I get fired because I get caught on Facebook.
Shrek: I get on facebook and do a lot of quizes
Cuz it's fun to see how I match up with everybody.
Then I go and do some... uh... th-things...
I still like the quizes though.
Even though I know that it's probably not true,
I do it anyway just to see what I do.
And I don't know if that rhymes or not, but I like to go...
And I like... uh... cheesecake.
Tick: -That don't rhyme!-


Tick: -we gotta work on that last line!-
Santa: Take it away, Woody!
Woody: I'm Woody, and I'm at McDonald's

Woody time, Woody, Yeah!
Woody get on facebook and talk to everybody
Cuz it's fun to do and you get some more friends!
The more friends you have, the more popular you are!
Instant Messages is fun because it's fun to do!
And you can... um.. um... talk people
Faster and stronger. And then... Umm... More than messages. I'm Woody!
My name Woody, Sheriff Woody!

Woody: Facebook's gonna knock yo face off!
Not Myspace, or Twitter, or any of those other things!
Shrek: And then, people can look and see how cool I am with my pictures! Yeah, I'm so cool!!! :)
Santa: Flart! Excuse me, shoo!


9/1/2009 12:19 PM
I'm tired of people voting as shame on my music because of my singing, well now it's time to show them what bad singing REALLY is. :P



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Date: 9/1/09
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